Salesforce innovations help scale clean energy programs

Electric power lines with a sunset in the sky | Salesforce innovations help scale clean energy programs

Salesforce has introduced its Clean Energy Program Management for Energy and Utilities Cloud to streamline the launch, management and oversight of energy efficiency, conservation, electrification and EV charging programs.

The new solution aims to help program managers at electric, gas and water utilities quickly launch and manage new programs and increase customer participation.

This latest development comes after the UK government announced further changes to its net-zero plans, pledging to help ease financial costs for families in September 2023. Amid uncertain policy environment, the energy industry could lead the climate transition in a positive direction by taking advantage of technological innovations to simplify sustainability programs, making it easier for customers to save money.

“The energy and utilities sector has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to guide its customers through the transition to a clean and sustainable energy future,” Kelly James, senior vice president and general manager of energy and utilities at Salesforce, said. “With Clean Energy Program Management on Salesforce’s trusted AI, data and CRM platform, energy and utility companies can automate processes and create strong and lasting partnerships with their customers and communities, helping us all get to net zero faster.” 

The Energy and Utilities Cloud uses the full power of the Salesforce Customer 360 and innovations like Data Cloud and the Einstein 1 Platform to drive efficiency and more personalized experiences for utility customers with real-time data, AI and automation.

Clean Energy Program Management is poised to help utility companies securely develop, launch and manage new clean energy initiatives while enabling customers to discover what offers are available to them, apply for programs and receive benefits.

Program Management Console can be used to simplify the set up of residential, commercial and industrial programs with targets for energy savings, water conservation and the number of homes served. Using the console, program managers can track the number of applications submitted, see application status and details, monitor program performance and budget and manage regulatory compliance. 

Customer Self-Service Portal can also be used to help customers discover and learn about energy efficiency programs and offers. The Contractor Portal has also been designed to make it easy for outside contractors to communicate and collaborate with utilities, providing a real-time hub to discover leads and upload work packages in bulk. 

AI and automation are infused to simplify the management of rebate applications and invoices, so contractors can get reimbursed faster, even as the volume of work grows.