Salesforce launches Einstein Copilot to interpret info and automate tasks

A cartoon Albert Einstein lookalike pointing to a floating lightbulb | Salesforce

Salesforce has announced the public beta availability of a new customizable and conversational generative AI assistant for CRM Einstein Copilot – to enable users to generate responses using their own private and trusted data.

Einstein Copilot was created to answer questions, summarize content, create new content, interpret complex conversations and automate tasks on behalf of users, from consistent user experience embedded within Salesforce’s AI CRM applications.

This is made possible by combining conversational user experience, a foundational large language model and trusted company data to enable Salesforce users to tap into generative AI and interact with their applications in new ways.

Jayesh Govindarajan, SVP data science and engineering at Salesforce, explained to ERP Today that Copilots orchestrate actions individuals take across CRM from a single place, giving them conversational access. 

“With Copilots powered by language models, the experience shifts from ‘where do I go to find answers?’ to an Assistant that understands what you are asking it to do. It retrieves relevant content, executes relevant action and brings in relevant data from across the CRM,” Govindarajan said.

Recent research from Slack has found that AI use in the workplace has accelerated 24 percent in the past quarter alone and 80 percent of employees currently using AI say that is already improving their productivity. 

“AI is the single most important moment in the history of our industry. It will deepen customer relationships, increase productivity and drive higher margins at every company,” said Marc Benioff, chair and CEO of Salesforce. 

“Our new Einstein Copilot brings together an amazing intuitive interface for interacting with AI, world-class AI models and, above all, deep integration of the data and metadata needed to benefit from AI. Einstein Copilot is the only copilot with the ability to truly understand what is going with your customer relationships.”

Some Einstein Copilot capabilities include grounding prompts in Data Cloud to provide the necessary context for quality outputs; out-of-the-box actions that AI can perform for the user when prompted; and customizations of Einstein Copilot for specific business needs like accomplishing specific sales, service, marketing, commerce and IT tasks.

Listing some examples of popular use cases, Salesforce said that Einstein Copilot can help salespeople accelerate deal closures by summarizing records or generating customized communications to provide more personalized client engagement as well as help customer service and field service agents to streamline case resolution and boost customer satisfaction.