Salesforce partners with IQVIA and LeadingMile to streamline customer experience

a photograph of a top of Salesforce office building in San Fransisco from a sky view during foggy and cloudy weather

Salesforce has shared two updates on its most recent partnerships – an alliance with IQVIA and a collaboration with LeadingMile Consulting to accelerate the development of life sciences cloud and revolutionize automated testing for Salesforce users.

Building on the IQVIA Orchestrated Customer Engagement (OCE) platform, the partnership will apply innovations from IQVIA OCE with Salesforce’s Life Sciences Cloud to provide customers with a new single, end-to-end engagement platform expected to be available in 2025.

Salesforce’s CRM software, powered by IQVIA data, domain expertise and advanced analytics, promises to transform healthcare professional (HCP) and patient engagement.

The partners also expect to bring together talent, technology and expertise to ensure a coordinated transition from IQVIA’s OCE to Salesforce’s life sciences solution.

IQVIA will continue to market the OCE CRM product and will support its nearly 400 global OCE customers in 130+ countries through 2029.

“Our expanded relationship with Salesforce will bring the best of our combined capabilities in data, AI and technology to life sciences customers,” said Bernd Haas, SVP and head of digital products and solutions at IQVIA.

Frank Defesche, SVP and general manager of Life Sciences at Salesforce stated that “this collaboration marks a pivotal moment for Salesforce Life Sciences Cloud innovation”.

“It will transform the future of HCP engagement, bringing together our combined capabilities in CRM, AI, data and the thought leadership of IQVIA, all on the trusted Einstein 1 Platform,” Defesche added.

TARA and Salesforce to make test automation easy for users

LeadingMile has unveiled TARA for Salesforce – a no-code testing tool that can be installed on-premise or operated as a SaaS solution in the cloud. Through TARA for Salesforce, LeadingMile is introducing a modular approach, to which other relevant systems can be added.

Its primary feature could be automatically adapted to customizations and contains pre-configured tests and building blocks. This way, LeadingMile states, TARA allows for comprehensive testing across all critical components of an organization’s operations.

Additionally, Salesforce customers can expect minimized risks and potential damage to their business operations through connectivity between investment administration systems and Salesforce. By doing this, TARA allows organizations to identify and address potential issues early in the development or the upgrade process.

Martijn Voorhaar, founder and CEO of LeadingMile, said: “At LeadingMile, we believe in automating complex and labor-intensive processes to drive efficiency and productivity.

“With TARA for Salesforce, we have created a state-of-the-art tool that combines a powerful automated testing tool with unparalleled ease of use. By simplifying testing, we empower organizations at all levels to accelerate their time-to-market and achieve their business objectives.”

On the modular setup of TARA, he added: “As TARA already serves a contingent of clients in other areas, we are convinced that this tool can revolutionize testing in all areas. This means there is more to come in the future.”