SAP and Apple deliver apps to solve the supply chain crisis

The iPod may be officially ‘dead’ as of this week, but that doesn’t mean Cupertino’s days of innovation are over. Announced yesterday, SAP and Apple have expanded their partnership with the creation of two new mobile apps, SAP Warehouse Operator and SAP Direct Distribution.

The applications, which were revealed at SAP Sapphire 2022, are now available via the Apple App Store and are the first in a new suite of apps that aim to aid in streamlining the digital supply chain and empower workers with intuitive tools.

The Warehouse Operator app is for SAP’s Extended Warehouse Management solution, allowing warehouse workers to complete daily tasks using location awareness and computer vision.

SAP Warehouse Operator can read bar codes instantly in low light and from a distance using the built-in iPhone camera, whereas Direct Distribution orchestrates end-to-end last-mile processes from order taking and delivery to payment. The latter app allows employees to select a resource to work with and view real-time orders associated with that resource.

Oliver Roll, chief communications officer SAP, said: “The people who make global supply chains run are more instrumental than ever to business success. SAP and Apple are expanding their partnership to streamline the digital supply chain and empower workers with intuitive tools.

“A new suite of apps, co-designed with Apple and built by SAP specifically to take advantage of the latest iOS innovations, will let key employees use the devices they already use every day – simplifying onboarding, decreasing the need for training, and accelerating productivity improvements.”