SAP Partner Celigo Launches Suite of Embedded AI Capabilities

A robotic hand reaches upwards into the distance | Celigo

SAP partner Celigo has launched Celigo AI, a suite of embedded artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities designed to enhance end-user efficiency, achieve higher levels of productivity and accelerate the time to value of enterprise integrations and automations.

Celigo enables SAP clients to drive customer transformation and increase profitability with iPaaS capabilities.

It is said to be the only iPaaS that leverages AI in run-time operations to automatically identify and resolve data and API errors, while offering an AI-guided flow builder to streamline the user journey and bring generative AI to business process automation, in a single platform.

The new AI functionalities within the Celigo integration platform include AI Error Management, OpenAI Connector and AI Assistance.

The AI Error Management categorizes errors from any API and utilizes auto-recovery policies to take action based on error category. It also automatically resolves historical errors once it has detected the original error condition is no longer present.

Celigo’s OpenAI Connector incorporates OpenAI into an integration flow to deliver an “unprecedented level of intelligence that encourages innovation”.

Meanwhile, the AI Assistance is a trained answerbot that has been trained using successful integrations and an extensive knowledge base.

Jan Arendtsz, founder and CEO of Celigo, said: “We have been deliberate in our approach to embedding AI deeply within the Celigo platform, and we are utilizing these capabilities to provide enterprises with an integration and automation solution that reduces barriers to adoption and delivers maximum value to their business at the lowest possible cost of ownership.

“Our organizational commitment to AI began in earnest in 2019, and since then we have been putting its functionality to work in support of our customers and partners. We will continue to innovate our use of advanced AI and machine learning to create exceptional experiences for modern enterprises.”