SAP will acquire WalkMe to strengthen support for end users, expand Business AI

a darkened photo of a mountain with a sign "WalkMe" on top | WalkMe logo, SAP to acquire WalkMe

SAP has announced that it will acquire WalkMe, a leader in digital adoption platforms (DAPs), to enhance the customer experience and enrich SAP Business AI offerings.

The envisioned partnership will help end users on their transformation journeys by complementing SAP’s Business Transformation Management portfolio around SAP Signavio and SAP LeanIX solutions with WalkMe’s guidance and automation solutions. 

As part of the acquisition, SAP and WalkMe are planning to integrate the upcoming WalkMeX copilot, which will use WalkMe’s contextual awareness and AI to suggest the best next step for any workflow, with SAP’s copilot Joule, projecting to boost AI assistants and productivity gains for all SAP customers.

WalkMeX has the capability to always be on, serving as an overlay to any application, including copilots from different vendors that companies use in their landscapes.

Additionally, SAP shared that integrating distinctive e-learning features in the SAP Enable Now solution with WalkMe will form the center of SAP’s people-centric transformation approach.

The companies added that despite the acquisition, WalkMe will continue to support non-SAP applications.

“Applications, processes, data and people are the four key elements of a successful business transformation,” said Christian Klein, CEO and member of the Executive Board of SAP SE. 

“By acquiring WalkMe, we are doubling down on the support we provide our end-users, helping them to quickly adopt new solutions and features to get the maximum value out of their IT investments.”

Dan Adika, CEO of WalkMe, also commented on the announcement: “We are thrilled to join forces with SAP. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in our journey, providing us with the resources and customer base necessary to enhance our product offerings and expand our market reach.

“By leveraging SAP’s extensive ecosystem, we are poised to unlock substantial growth opportunities and deliver even greater value to our customers. Together, we look forward to a future filled with innovation and exceptional service.”

WalkMe customer stories

Sister site Mastering SAP reported WalkMe user stories from APAC customers including Origin Energy and Blackwoods.

Origin used WalkMe to improve employee use of its SuccessFactors solution, reducing help desk tickets by over 70% and reducing 2-day processes to 20-second self-service actions.

“Now, employees are uploading their licenses and safety certificates themselves, so we can refocus people’s efforts on higher impact tasks” said Frank Malley, Head of Process & Employee Experience for Origin. “The ActionBot jumps between softwares and walks you through the seven or eight different screens and makes it look seamless.”

Blackwoods, a subsidiary of Wesfarmers, implemented Walk Me as a part of the change management strategy for its Microsoft Dynamics company wide technology initiative. This increased time-to-proficiency for new team members by 50% and slashed quite generation process by 15%.

“With traditional job aids, you need to search for the right page. WalkMe just knows what ‘page’ you’re on,” said Darryl Crumblin, Blackwoods Sales Training and Enablement Manager. “Implementing process automation with WalkMe significantly streamlines everything from our order and sales processing to our inventory management, resulting in improved employee efficiency and a better customer experience.”

Additional reporting by Mastering SAP.