Securing your data migration to a modern data warehouse with SNP Glue

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Modern problems require modern solutions and, in an increasingly digitized world, those modern solutions can become a confusing collection of data unless you know how to analyze and compartmentalize the information you have on hand. A modern data warehouse located in the cloud is the exact staging ground your business needs to kick off a new wave of growth.

A modern data warehouse, or MDW, at its core, is a data management system that’s created to produce business intelligence actions through the use of analytics. Existing, traditional data warehouses can be slow to adapt to modern change, whereas a MDW built to be agile, versatile and flexible – while also being scalable with your company’s growth. A traditional data warehouse will also struggle with different sets of data but a MDW is efficient at handling massive amounts from disparate different sources.

A modern data warehouse is supposed to be the one repository for all your business data, whether it’s related to CRM, ERP, social media, or IoT devices. The data can also be cleaned, organized and transformed. Once all your business data has been organized into a single repository, analysts can get to work and examine what insights can be made.

With SNP Glue, you can securely connect large volumes of both SAP and non-SAP data and funnel it directly into your MDW. Data can be extracted directly from tables in SAP software, making the migration simpler to understand for users. Once the data has been deposited, it can be used to increase your overall data scope, providing a much more informed view of your business.

Due to SNP’s knowledge and experience with SAP systems, the data extracted from SAP apps will be delivered in an easy-to-digest format. Anything that increases the efficiency and speed of your analytics models is something that shouldn’t be ignored.

Integrating SAP data with a modern data warehouse can provide you with the necessary business insights for unparalleled growth. But integrating and migrating that data into the MDW is an entire process in itself, a process that an application of the right tool can make quicker and easier.