ServiceNow & Zoom partnership – the next frontier for EX?

ServiceNow & Zoom EX

The future of work may be here, but there is still a long way to go for the digital workplace to conquer all the touch points necessary to replicate a thriving physical employee experience. While the ability for employees from all around the world to connect has its advantages, problems such as siloed working, ‘Zoom fatigue’ and digital overload have made some yearn for a return to the office. Indeed, recent Zoom quarterly results show slow sales growth and the comeback of on-site work.

A possible solution may be found in the recent partnership between ServiceNow and Zoom, as announced at the latter’s annual Zoomtopia event, in an intriguing step towards building a more connected digital workplace. The ServiceNow Employee Centre For Zoom provides a centralized experience for employees by creating a unified portal that brings functions such as HR, payroll, IT services, and a community hub to support the remote needs of today’s workforce.

In ServiceNow’s view, companies which focus on total experience and factor in the employee experience (EX) alongside the customer one, will outperform those simply focusing on one side of the equation. As part of building a positive EX, the Zoom services let employees meet where ever they are and deliver a single, simplified workspace where agents have access to everything they need on one platform.

Because nothing kills productivity like switching applications and the feeling that you don’t have access to all the information needed, the new solution from ServiceNow and Zoom builds on a shared value of increasing connectivity. It also expands on the Virtual Agent Integration with Zoom Team Chat release from earlier in the year, providing a total self-service function to all employees, no matter where they may be.

“I’m incredibly proud that, together with Zoom, we’ll help organizations simplify workflows, boost employee productivity, and create great customer experiences to make work better for everyone,” said CJ Desai, COO at Service Now, on news of the partnership.

Whether this will solve Zoom’s current business predicament is another story, but it does point to ServiceNow’s belief in hybrid work. As CEO Bill McDermott said in a recent conference call, remote work and collaboration are trends which “are not only durable, (but) their relevance is expanding.”

Or EXpanding, as may be more suitable in this situation.