Snowflake unveils AI enhancements and NVIDIA partnership

image of pink brain - abstract AI image | Snowflake | NVIDIA

Announced at Snowflake Summit 2023, Snowflake has unveiled new product enhancements, its latest partnership with NVIDIA and the availability of its Native App Framework.

NVIDIA and Snowflake are building accelerated computing and software integrations for Snowpark Container Services. This partnership aims to make advanced AI capabilities available to enterprises everywhere and also brings NVIDIA AI Enterprise to Snowpark Container Services, along with support for NVIDIA accelerated computing.

Manuvir Das, vice president, enterprise computing, NVIDIA, said: “Data is the foundation for custom generative AI applications built with the unique business and brand.

“The Snowpark Container Service and NVIDIA AI Enterprise integration brings NVIDIA’s full suite of AI frameworks, pretrained models and development tools to the data platform used by thousands of companies worldwide to support today’s most advanced workloads.”

Additionally, the company has announced the availability of Snowflake Native App Framework which allows developers to build and test Snowflake Native Apps, with over 25 new Snowflake Native Apps available for customers to install from Snowflake Marketplace.

The Snowflake Native App Framework is said to give Snowflake Native Apps providers the necessary building blocks to “develop faster, deploy easily and operate more effectively” with the performance, scale and efficiency of the Snowflake platform.

With new innovations like Document AI, Snowflake is launching a new LLM built from Applica’s generative AI technology to help customers understand documents and put their unstructured data to work. Document AI stems from Snowflake’s acquisition of Applica and leverages its purpose-built LLM by integrating this model within Snowflake’s platform, with organizations able to extract content using a visual interface and natural language.

The company is also advancing its single platform to support a broader set of advanced analytics capabilities, including pre-built ML functions for SQL users and expanding its unified governance and privacy with new data quality metrics and classification features.

Christian Kleinerman, SVP of product, Snowflake, said: “Snowflake’s single platform continues to be core to our innovation strategy and we’re constantly enhancing it so customers can access, understand and protect their data seamlessly, while benefiting from Snowflake’s leading performance, scale and governance.

“We’re unlocking a new data era for customers, leveraging AI and eliminating silos previously bound by format, location and more to revolutionize how organizations put their data to work and drive insights with the data cloud.”