image of Accenture building
Palo Alto Networks and Accenture expand alliance for AI and cybersecurity
Together, Palo Alto Networks and Accenture aim to help organizations embrace the potential of AI, with a strong cybersecurity base.
photo of a chess board, strategy and defense concept | guidance
Microsoft releases Zero Trust strategy guidance for DoD customers
Microsoft has released new guidance for the Department of Defense (DoD) Zero Trust strategy to adopt a new cybersecurity framework and help customers facilitate informed and risk-based decisions.
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The power of IT-OT integration in fortifying cyber defenses  
The industry needs to change the direction of cybersecurity by addressing the disconnects that exist between IT and OT teams.
image of data landscape | Pathlock cloud
Protecting Data During Cloud Journeys from the Inside-Out
To address security challenges in the ever-evolving tech landscape, SAP users must look elsewhere to secure their data from insider threats.
abstract illustrated image of cyberattacks, person wearing a hoodie is sat in front of computer screens | cyberattacks
Microsoft disables Windows feature amid flurry of cyberattacks
Microsoft has disabled a Windows feature, App Installer, which allows users to download new applications after discovering that financially motivated actors were utilizing it to spread malware.
A cube with loads of other cubes : SAP users cybersecurity Pathlock cloud
Protecting SAP users during cloud migrations: The SAP-endorsed advantage
As businesses continue to navigate the uncharted territories of cloud deployment, the assurance of data security and compliance becomes paramount.
A metal fence : Cybersecurity SAP and Xiting
Fortifying data on your S/4 journey with SAP tailored security frameworks
With tailored SAP frameworks, companies can navigate the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape and protect their data during S/4 migrations.
Microsoft’s new Security Copilot shields SAP systems with AI
Microsoft has announced the new Microsoft Security Copilot, an AI-driven security solution, to revolutionize how companies like SAP defend.
image of security camera | EY and BlueVoyant
EY US collabs with BlueVoyant for cyber risk management
EY US has entered into a strategic alliance with BlueVoyant, a cyber defense company, to provide proven cyber risk management design.
Image of some crown jewels
In a world of deep fakes, securing an organization’s crown jewels gets real
The closer you get to full cyber protection, the more expensive and resource-intensive cyber defense becomes. That's why many businesses are choosing to focus on their crown jewels.
Accenture building
Accenture acquires cybersecurity company, MNEMO Mexico
Accenture has acquired MNEMO Mexico, hopping to help organizations build more cyber-resilient businesses and secure their digital cores, technologies and supply chains.
image of padlock and gold cards on laptop | Microsoft and Amazon
Microsoft and Amazon join fight to diminish tech support fraud
Microsoft and Amazon have joined forces along with international law enforcement in the fight against perpetrators of tech support fraud.
Okta announces Okta AI and its support for passwordless authentication/ cybersecurity
Okta announces Okta AI and support for passkeys
Okta's support of passkeys as passwordless authentication is a part of its solution for Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM). The company has also worked closely with its legal and governance teams in the development of Okta AI, to ensure that customer personal data remains segregated.
A hand held up to a screen with the index finger showing a digital fingerprint | Remote work and GenAI
Remote work and GenAI: spanners in the cybersecurity engine?
Remote work and GenAI are here to stay. But what does this mean for enterprise cybersecurity and how are they impacting it?
image of phone on yellow background with white lock on phonescreen on purple background | supply chain | cybersecurity
Is it time to get your digital supply chain security in order?
Cybersecurity is one of the biggest priorities for modern organizations operating across on-prem and virtual digital infrastructures. Dan Llewellyn explores more.
3D render image of cybersecurity - cyber criminal sat at computer desk with computer | MXDR
Deloitte enhances MXDR solution to improve cybersecurity measures
Deloitte has expanded their MXDR cybersecurity solution to help support some of the unique challenges for enterprise, cloud and OT.
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The World Economic Forum and Deloitte launch Quantum Readiness Toolkit to stem cybersecurity risk
The World Economic Forum and Deloitte have released a quantum toolkit to help protect organizations from developing cybersecurity risks.
image of Teal LED computer panel | Accenture and Immersive Labs, Cybersecurity
Accenture and Immersive Labs to bridge cyber talent gap
Accenture has teamed up with Immersive Labs to launch the Cyber Million program that aims to solve the cybersecurity talent deficit by increasing access to one million entry-level cybersecurity operation jobs over the next decade.
From NO to YES, but securely: unlocking innovation with Cloud ERP
By taking a proactive approach to security, companies can embrace new technologies and services while mitigating security risks.
Microsoft Security Copilot
Microsoft Security Copilot is ready for takeoff
Microsoft has launched Microsoft Security Copilot, a cyber threat detection tool to bring the next generation of AI to cybersecurity.
Deloitte Consulting LLC Tech trends 2023 report
Deloitte’s chief futurist on the tech trends defining 2023
Following this year's Deloitte Tech Trends report, ERP Today speaks to Deloitte’s Chief futurist, Mike Bechtel, to answer some of our burning questions on what’s next for enterprises and vendors alike.
HPE acquires Axis Security in war against WFH cyber threats
HPE has announced its plans to acquire Axis Security to enhance its SASE solution for HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud
Stock image of cybersecurity | Accenture Federal Services and Google Public Sector
Wipro launches cybersecurity consulting in Europe
Wipro is launching cybersecurity consulting in Europe, as part of its vision to help global clients with dynamic threat and regulatory environments.
Samuel Beckett Bridge and Convention Centre, Dublin
IBM Grants $500,000 in-kind for City of Dublin Cybersecurity Education
City of Dublin Education Training Board (ETB) is one of ten grant recipients globally, as part of the IBM Education Security Preparedness Grants program.
Stock image of cybersecurity | Accenture Federal Services and Google Public Sector
Smart factories a prominent target for cyber criminals
A new report from the Capgemini Research Institute has found that the connected nature of smart factories exponentially increases the risks of attacks in the intelligent industry era, with few manufacturers having mature practices across the critical pillars of cybersecurity. According to the Capgemini...
Biden, Zero Trust and cybersecurity
Cybersecurity presents pressing issues for the ERP community, with few glimpses of hope to be found in the current landscape.
Snowflake launches Cybersecurity workload
Snowflake has launched a new Cybersecurity workload that enables cybersecurity teams to better protect their enterprises with the Data Cloud.