Image of an orange neon AI sign on a dark wall | AI risk
Eliminate generative AI risk by uncovering the data nuances
How can businesses harness the full potential of LLMs, while minimizing risks of pushing sensitive data into publicly hosted models? Snowflake's James Petter talks security, privacy, and governance.
image of people staring at wall of security cameras
Encryption solutions are protecting fragile data in age of cloud
In the age of high-tech innovations and solutions aiding businesses and upgrading clients’ systems, securing sensitive data should be at the top of any SAP users’ priorities.
Image of a hand reaching into a fridge full of appealing looking food, in date. | LLM data
LLM use-by data – who’s keeping the data up to date?
Your chatbot is leveling up, but who's keeping the data up to date for our LLMs? Microsoft, Google and specialist researchers give their take.
abstract image of data swamp
Cleaning up the data swamp
In a world amassing a colossal amount of data, how are we wading through the swamp? Beyond dumping our data somewhere, it also needs to be handled and put to good use.
A man looking at his ipad : Informatica SAP data cloud ECC
Speed up SAP cloud migrations before 2027 ECC deadline
Informatica says it’s important to consider every part of the data process before starting a cloud modernization project.
image of football stadium in Barcelona, Spain with two football teams. | Atos and UEFA
Atos scores with UEFA Euro 2024 to streamline services remotely
Atos has announced it will deliver on-site and remote IT services for the UEFA EURO 2024 taking place in 2024, in Germany.
abstract image of data | Salesforce and AWS
Salesforce and AWS expand partnership to deliver new integrations
AWS and Salesforce have expanded their long-standing partnership to broaden product integrations across data and AI and offer select Salesforce products on the AWS marketplace.
An illustration depicting a figure stood gazing at various graphs and a cloud | Data and technology
Bet big on data literacy for public sector challenges
A cultural shift on how data and technology is perceived, understood and used is fundamental to delivering better public sector outcomes.
A fashionable lady in large sunglasses walking with hands full of shopping bags | Farm to fashion
From farm to fashion: What fashion brands can learn from the food industry
Is it time for the clothing industry to reflect the farming industry? Improving all processes from farm to fashion has a lot of benefits.
EvolveWare points to application modernization trends
Information technology companies either name themselves after something logical related to their function (Splunk, VMware and even Tibco, the latter being The Information Bus Company), something slightly cerebral that pertains to the type of work they do (Cohesity, Snowflake and...
abstract image of data | SAP Datasphere
SAP’s Datasphere brings new order to chaos in the world of data
SAP has announced the launch of Datasphere, the next generation of its data management portfolio, and an evolutionary step forward from SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, helping customers utilize the power of data in the modern world.