Image of Vivien Boche, senior director SAP BTP CoE, EMEA
Vivien Boche means business
For Gen Z, TikTok is the new search engine - and SAP’s Vivien Boche knows that ideas sell best in a digestible, 60 second video.
illustrated image of people with sun, grass and plants | HCM
Quiet thriving in the HCM workplace?
"Head of HR wanted, must be fluent in HCM technology" the job ads read. Here's why thriving in HR's developing role means more than just understanding people.
In this image you can see the new green chrysalis coloration, one that’s about ready to emerge (the clear one), and a butterfly that’s already come out.
Managing Change: The Science of Happy Endings
How can organizations adapt to new disruptive technologies? Yvonne de Ville explains that the most predictable thing about change is its unpredictability.
art image of Formula 1 car | F1 and ERP
Developing a winning Formula: The ERP vendors delivering for F1 racing teams
In this highly competitive sport, where precision and speed reign supreme, the role of ERP solutions has become vital for F1 teams in gaining that winning edge.
ERP Today Live! with Original Software
Original Software on how to get on top of your updates and build a successful testing strategy in the cloud
A high-rise view of several skyscrapers, with a desk and stools accompanied by a laptop and a tall plant | Boomi
Elevating Workday ERP with Boomi and Huron
Having proper data governance and preparation can prevent errors, duplicate data and inefficiencies, but this can be difficult to achieve without the right tools and partners in place to elevate your ERP implementations.
Abstract blue memory board, growing a tree
ERP at the center of sustainability and human impact
The role of ERP systems has evolved beyond their function as operational tools and they have emerged as instruments for sustainable business.
Cormac Watters, executive vice president of applications for Oracle Europe, Middle East and Africa
Oracle: you got a big friend in Big Red
Cormac Watters tells ERP Today how Oracle is opening up, to become best friends with some of the world’s most philanthropic organizations.
An abstract image showing blue rays in a black background | Software applications
Solid air: building secure clouds
Building contemporary software applications is complex, we still exist in a world where systems are created with instabilities.
Ground-level view of a chessboard with all pawns lined up and a singular brown pawn wearing a crown | Enterprise vs point solutions
Enterprise Platforms vs. Point Solutions: it’s obvious, isn’t it?
Point solutions are often used instead of enterprise platforms due to their fast nature. Maybe you should think twice before choosing which solution is best for you?
Miniature toy construction workers on cracked ground, one holds a clipboard, another a power tool | workforce strategy
How to ditch technical debt in the C-suite workforce strategy
To avoid customer and employee frustration with outdated technology, c-suites need to reimagine their workforce strategy.
Exadis Infor
Exadis’ ERP is up in the clouds with Infor and Authentic Group
Exadis has renewed its partnership with Infor as part of its migration to the Amazon Web Services cloud using Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise, Infor Factory Track production automation and the ADS solution from Infor's partner Authentic Group.
Stick or twist – how to play the ERP customization dilemma
ERP transformation is tough, and there are real dilemmas to overcome, but provide the right guidance, leadership and passion, and you will make a real difference to your organization and your people.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot ‘takes off’ ERP admin 
Microsoft says it is on a mission to bring next-generation AI to every line of business. That (presumably) means AI in sales, finance, procurement, supply chain management and everything in-between right down to admin and building premises security. Perhaps more...
Preparing for your ERP project
How are you preparing for your ERP transformation project?
Are you thinking of preparing your ERP project? Discover the key strategies for ensuring a successful implementation.
Prodding “The Diverted” towards real sustainability
Overmilked and electric: Resulting IT's founder says that for ESG effectiveness, it’s time to step away from Walking Tech dependency.
Choosing ERP
ERP for today: choosing the right system
Acumatica's Lynne Jackson outlines what organizations should consider when choosing ERP software and discovering the best implementation approach.
change your ERP
When is the right time to change your ERP?
When is the right time to change your ERP? A sponsored article from Lumenia Consulting
SAM manufacturer Acumatica
Family-owned moldings manufacturer, SAM builds long-term growth with Acumatica
SAM, the UK’s leading manufacturer of interior and exterior MDF moldings, offers products including skirting, door linings, and stair accessories to cladding, decorative bargeboard, and window components.
brick wall ERP Travis Perkins
Piecemeal ERP: why Travis Perkins is tech stacking brick by brick
Are pickings getting a whole lot slimmer for the big ERP software vendors? It seems the days of having a one-catch-all software vendor have passed. ERP today hears about Travis Perkins' implementation journey.
Composable by nature
Composable by nature
Today the buzzword du jour is ‘composable, ’composable business, composable thinking, composable architecture and even composable ERP.