abstract AI image, blue, purple and green | McKinsey and Salesforce
McKinsey and Salesforce unlock GenAI potential with new partnership
McKinsey & Company and Salesforce have entered into a collaboration to accelerate the introduction of generative AI for sales, marketing, commerce and service.
Workday building | Workday | GenAI
Workday and McKinsey team up to tame data
Workday has teamed up with McKinsey to enhance the Workday Enterprise Management Cloud.
The new era of hybrid work
COVID-19 has in many ways irrevocably changed the way we work. Almost overnight, organisations were forced to establish a new remote workforce. Kitchen tables became desks, and in-person meetings were replaced by video calls. Now, more than a year later,...
Customer centricity: A key priority across all lines of business
In today’s content and product-saturated marketplace, personalisation is the key to standing apart...
The future of work won’t wait for you to evolve
Instead of a grand movement shaped by AI and automation, self-driving cars and trips to Mars...
Delivering business continuity with Intelligent Automation
We cannot ignore the COVID-19 health crisis. Still, we must also recognise the shockwaves the...