A face of a llama | Is Zuckerberg winning “the wrestling match” with Musk and ChatGPT
Is Zuck winning the AI cage fight versus Musk and ChatGPT?
While Zuckerberg’s Llama 2 is the new kid on the block, is it really a threat to ChatGPT and how will it compete against Musk’s xAI?
image of London | Snowflake
Snowflake lands in London with new Customer Experience Center
Snowflake has announced the opening of its new UK office and Customer Experience Center (CEC) in London, providing the ultimate workplace experience to employees and an area for collaboration with prospective clients.
Microsoft building | SSE
Microsoft prunes as even industrial metaverse isn’t safe from industry woes
Microsoft has announced a fresh round of job cuts, effectively culling its industrial metaverse unit, amid slowing growth and ongoing waves of macroeconomic uncertainty.
Google Meta
Meta and Google fined. Who’s next in the data scandal saga?
It was only last year that Google was caught red handed over a data handling scandal, now Meta too has been fined. Who will be next in this big tech data saga, and what does this mean for enterprise technology?
The Metaverse – saving the world, one avatar at a time?
The Metaverse – saving the world, one avatar at a time?
The metaverse: an alternate digital world that changes the face of work, or simply a nuisance to the environment? With the introduction of the metaverse, people all over the world can explore this new type of virtual reality all via a digital oasis. This brave new world will likely come powered by AI, cloud, web3 and Big Data.
old news tech layoffs
The Great Tech Redundancy is here again
The more companies are callous with their staff, the more chance of another Great Resignation. After all, the main reason employees resigned en masse wasn't because of remote work: It was because they realized how dispensable they were.