image of Mayo Clinic building | Microsoft 365 Copilot
Mayo Clinic the first to leverage Microsoft 365 Copilot
Mayo Clinic is one of the first healthcare organizations to deploy Microsoft 365 Copilot, the company’s new GenAI service that combines the power of LLMs with organizational data from Microsoft 365 to boost productivity levels.
image of healthcare provider with stethoscope and holding a mobile | Microsoft and Mercy
Microsoft and Mercy reimagine healthcare operations with GenAI
Microsoft has entered a long-term collaboration with Mercy, leveraging GenAI and other digital technologies to give physicians, advance practice providers and nurses more time to care for patients and improve the patient experience.
image of doctor in white coat holding a stethoscope | NHS
Maximizing time for care: How tech innovation is enabling better patient outcomes in the NHS
It has always been about the people. One thing that has remained unchanged during the 75 years of the NHS has been the focus on the people who use the country’s healthcare services to get better, and the people delivering that care.
Amadeus revamps travel tech with Microsoft and Accenture /Navigation app
Amadeus revamps travel tech with Microsoft and Accenture
Amadeus' partnerships with Microsoft and Accenture will bring a chatbot to make travel suggestions, and a new plugin for Microsoft 365 Copilot.
microsoft logos
Will EU scrutiny of Microsoft Teams impact Big Tech?
Microsoft has been working with regulators to resolve the Teams-related issues but is EU’s scrutiny likely to impact more Big Tech?
Panos Panay, chief product officer at Microsoft in focus speaking at Microsoft Ignite 2022 | Microsoft product chief
Microsoft product chief Panos Panay exits the company
Chief product officer at Microsoft, Panos Panay, has announced his exit from the company, with reports saying he has been hired by Amazon.
A robotic figure captured in a mid-running motion | AI
Race for the prize: An update on the AI race as ChatGPT speeds ahead
All vendors bring distinctive value propositions to enterprises - choose wisely or find yourself obsolete in the age of AI!
A hand held up to a screen with the index finger showing a digital fingerprint | Remote work and GenAI
Remote work and GenAI: spanners in the cybersecurity engine?
Remote work and GenAI are here to stay. But what does this mean for enterprise cybersecurity and how are they impacting it?
Satya Nadella, chairman and CEO of Microsoft and Larry Ellison, chairman of the board and chief technology officer of Oracle sat against a blue background speaking to one another | Oracle Database@Azure
Oracle and Microsoft expand partnership with new service launch
Oracle and Microsoft have expanded their partnership with the launch of their new service Oracle Database@Azure.
laptop with green and purple background, on laptop screen is ChatGPT information. | ChatGPT Enterprise
OpenAI goes ERP with ChatGPT Enterprise
OpenAI has launched ChatGPT Enterprise, an enterprise-grade security and privacy version of its notorious AI chatbot.
image of a green tree Python | Python in Excel
Fangtastic: Python in Excel to reshape visualizations for analysts
Microsoft has announced a significant evolution in the analytical capabilities within Excel by releasing a public preview of Python in Excel.
Image of Microsoft building
IBM and Microsoft expand collaboration with GenAI offering
IBM and Microsoft expand their partnership in order to accelerate the deployment of generative AI and provide a new offering called the IBM Consulting Azure OpenAI Service.
A face of a llama | Is Zuckerberg winning “the wrestling match” with Musk and ChatGPT
Is Zuck winning the AI cage fight versus Musk and ChatGPT?
While Zuckerberg’s Llama 2 is the new kid on the block, is it really a threat to ChatGPT and how will it compete against Musk’s xAI?
The new Microsoft copilot AI offering
Microsoft unveils Copilot offering to empower frontline workers with AI
Microsoft's Copilot offering within Dynamics 365 Field Service is set to revolutionize the way frontline workers utilize AI.
image of orange abstract brain with white and orange background | Kyndryl and Microsoft
Kyndryl adopts gen AI for businesses with Microsoft collaboration
Kyndryl has entered into a collaboration with Microsoft to enable the adoption of enterprise-grade generative AI solutions for businesses on the Microsoft Cloud.
Microsoft logo on a black front door | Microsoft’s Q4 earnings
Microsoft’s Q4 earnings beat expectations with AI and hybrid cloud
Microsoft’s financial results for Q4 2023 beat analyst expectations with $56.2bn in revenue as the tech giant leans onto its AI bet.
black Microsoft computer loading | Microsoft expands AI ambitions
Microsoft expands AI collaborations with Bing and Capgemini
Microsoft has announced the expansion of Bing with Chat Enterprise, as part of its Microsoft Inspire event.
Microsoft building | SSE
Microsoft announces migration plans and ‘Entras’ SSE space
In addition to the new migration plans, Microsoft has entered the competitive Secure Service Edge (SSE) market.
A robot trying to work CHATGPT and it has caught on fire.
How to avoid a ChatGPT catastrophe
Generative AI models such as ChatGPT give much debate around their potential to transform our everyday lives. But what about in an enterprise environment?
A picture of legos built into a sphere.
How Kubernetes is steering ERP cloud deployments
For many people, the real age of cloud composability started just less than a decade ago with the birth of Kubernetes in 2014.
Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO | KPMG and Microsoft
KPMG and Microsoft expand industry-leading collaboration
KPMG and Microsoft have announced a significant expansion of their relationship to revitalize professional services across businesses including workforce modernization, safe and secure deployment and use of AI solutions for clients, industries and society.
ERP Today Live! with Microsoft
What does AI mean for SMEs and, with such a fast pace of change, what does effective adoption look like? Microsoft’s Amit Sinha and Adam Stewart cover the bases with Giacomo Lee in this ERP Today Live! session.
U.S. and China's flags placed next too each other
Robo trade wars as U.S. to bar Chinese companies from buying AI cloud services
The U.S. administration is set to restrict Chinese firms’ access to U.S. AI cloud services to “close loophole in chip-export controls".
Apps on a smartphone with Teams sitting in the middle of the screen
Microsoft welcomes “pragmatic solutions” in EU antitrust Teams probe
Microsoft is nearing a European Union antitrust investigation over Teams as its proposed competition remedies are found unsatisfactory. The development follows a 2020 action by now Salesforce-owned workspace messaging app Slack.
image of hospital staff walking down coridoor wearing scrubs | OSAIRIS
NHS hospitals collab with Microsoft to create AI solution OSAIRIS
Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge has collaborated with Microsoft to leverage its AI capabilities in order to plan radiotherapy treatments faster and more efficiently.
image of Theo Michalopoulos
Microsoft appoints Theo Michalopoulos as UK GM financial services
Microsoft has recently appointed Theo Michalopoulos as general manager, financial services for the UK.
Microsoft building | SSE
Microsoft announces landmark offerings during Build 2023
Announced at Microsoft Build 2023, the company has announced that it will adopt the same open plugin standard that OpenAI introduced for ChatGPT to enable interoperability across ChatGPT and the Microsoft’s Catrin offerings.
ServiceNow bolsters Now Platform and Microsoft AI partnership
ServiceNow has announced significant expansions to its Now Platform’s capabilities offering businesses new, faster, and more efficient ways to work.
image of Microsoft building |
Microsoft Pegasus Program takes to the skies
Microsoft have unveiled its Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program which connects growth-stage startups to thousands of Microsoft’s top customers.
image of PwC building | PwC and Microsoft
PwC unlocks new AI capabilities with Microsoft
PwC US has unveiled its plans to invest $1bn over the next three years to expand and scale its AI offerings to help clients reimagine their businesses through the power of generative AI.