ServiceNow bolsters Now Platform and Microsoft AI partnership
ServiceNow has announced significant expansions to its Now Platform’s capabilities offering businesses new, faster, and more efficient ways to work.
image of Microsoft building |
Microsoft Pegasus Program takes to the skies
Microsoft have unveiled its Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program which connects growth-stage startups to thousands of Microsoft’s top customers.
image of PwC building | PwC and Microsoft
PwC unlocks new AI capabilities with Microsoft
PwC US has unveiled its plans to invest $1bn over the next three years to expand and scale its AI offerings to help clients reimagine their businesses through the power of generative AI.
satya nadella, microsoft ceo
Microsoft Q3 beats expectations as cloud stays afloat
Microsoft has posted its Q3 results showing revenue and EPS to have beaten expectations.
image of Navy boat and aircraft | BAE Systems and Microsoft
BAE Systems and Microsoft team up to equip digital defense in the cloud
BAE Systems and Microsoft have entered into a strategic partnership which aims to support faster and easier development, deployment and management of digital defense capabilities in an increasingly data centric world.
ERP Today Live! with Microsoft UK
Can today's professionals create value for everyone from stakeholders to employees and customers? Find out with Mark McCardle, CFO, Microsoft UK, and Alison Wright, SMB & Corporate Scale Director, Microsoft UK.
EY London HQ | EY and Platform
Platform Housing Group selects EY to rehome finance functions
Platform Housing Group (Platform) has selected EY and its in-house consultancy capability, EY Microsoft Services Group, to reshape its finance function.
Viridor and Microsoft
Viridor energized as Microsoft Dynamics 365 cuts costs by a quarter
Viridor, a UK resource recovery and recycling management services provider, chooses to implement a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.
Unilever building | Accenture and Unilever
Unilever goes cloud-only with Accenture and Microsoft
Accenture, Microsoft, and Unilever have successfully completed one of the largest and most complex cloud migrations in the consumer goods industry.
Microsoft Security Copilot
Microsoft Security Copilot is ready for takeoff
Microsoft has launched Microsoft Security Copilot, a cyber threat detection tool to bring the next generation of AI to cybersecurity.
Reputation on the line? Tech redundancies and jostling for future business
Exploring recent tech redundancies with the enterprise tech ecosystem, and why layoffs are never a good look.
Microsoft’s supply chain VP gives the hard macro outlook
Interview with Ray Smith, vice president supply chain at Microsoft on black swan events and data lakes.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot ‘takes off’ ERP admin 
Microsoft says it is on a mission to bring next-generation AI to every line of business. That (presumably) means AI in sales, finance, procurement, supply chain management and everything in-between right down to admin and building premises security. Perhaps more...
NextGen Lab
SAP and Microsoft join fight for digital future with Nottingham University
SAP has announced the launch of a NextGen Lab at the University of Nottingham to help students receive the necessary skills for the future.
Chatgpt Salesforce
Salesforce first to sell ChatGPT, promising IP safety
ChatGPT hype sees Salesforce launch Einstein GPT, billed as the "world’s first generative AI CRM technology."
Dynamics 365 one partner
Is Microsoft pushing one partner for Dynamics 365?
Dynamics 365 MVPs aren't happy as Bam Boom Cloud appears to take the sales limelight for Microsoft.
UK Government Matrix reload connected
The UK government wants to reload the Matrix. But is there a glitch?
According to the architects of the government’s shared services cluster strategy, the civil service has a lack of interoperability, a problem for which, they think they have a solution. The project’s name: the Matrix Programme.
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Microsoft prunes as even industrial metaverse isn’t safe from industry woes
Microsoft has announced a fresh round of job cuts, effectively culling its industrial metaverse unit, amid slowing growth and ongoing waves of macroeconomic uncertainty.
The birth of fusion teams
How fusion teams speed up business transformation initiatives and reduce the barrier between IT and the rest of the business.
Bard for business? Google enters the chatbot game
Google has entered the AI chatbot arena with Bard, an artificial intelligence search tool. What does it mean for enterprise?
Robin Worrall | Unsplash, Lifecycle Software and Microsoft
Lifecycle Software dials into Microsoft to enhance mobile systems
Lifecycle Software has entered into a collaboration with Microsoft that will see the company leverage the Microsoft Cloud across its solutions, enabling some of the biggest mobile operators to provide better services to customers. Based in the UK, Lifecycle Software...
Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO | Microsoft Q2 earnings
Microsoft Q2 earnings scrape by expectations
In the first of the big tech earnings season announcements, Microsoft has beaten earnings per share expectations with $2.30, adjusted to $2.32 non-GAAP for the period ending 31 December. However, revenue, despite a two percent increase from the same period...
london stock exchange group
LSEG and Microsoft launch 10-year strategic partnership
London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) and Microsoft have entered into a new long-term strategic partnership to architect LSEG’s data infrastructure using the Microsoft Cloud, and to jointly develop new products and services for data and analytics.
Electric Sheep: The two-horse race in AI
Which company is the Switzerland of AI? Why have AWS and Microsoft failed? Who is leading in artificial intelligence? Find out with Holger Mueller, VP and principal analyst at Constellation Research.
The Metaverse – saving the world, one avatar at a time?
The Metaverse – saving the world, one avatar at a time?
The metaverse: an alternate digital world that changes the face of work, or simply a nuisance to the environment? With the introduction of the metaverse, people all over the world can explore this new type of virtual reality all via a digital oasis. This brave new world will likely come powered by AI, cloud, web3 and Big Data.
Microsoft in supply chain first for disruptive decade
Microsoft in supply chain first for disruptive decade
The Microsoft Supply Chain Platform, which bundles together AI, collaboration, low-code, security and SaaS apps, is not a scare tactic. As Redmond tells ERP Today, supply chain disruption is the new status quo.
Adobe metaverse
Adobe has already doomed the metaverse
Pantone blues and Figma fallout: Adobe, not Meta, is the metaverse's biggest threat.
Jay Snyder | UiPath and Neostella
UiPath targets midmarket with Neostella partnership
Enterprise automation vendor, UiPath, has announced an enhanced diamond partnership with Neostella, to provide flexible automation investment and usage models for midmarket businesses.
Microsoft and Lakeba
Microsoft Azure to power Lakeba marketplace
Microsoft has entered into a strategic partnership with global venture catalyst firm Lakeba to boost the scalability and security of its technology-led businesses.
MS-Exec-Nadella-Satya | Microsoft Q1
Microsoft Q1 reveals cloud wins amidst net income falls
Microsoft's first quarter 2023 financial results show an 11 percent revenue increase, to $50.1bn year on year. The net income for the technology giant, however, has fallen by 14 percent.