A robotic hand reaching out to the camera | AI Avvale SAP
The defending power of AI adoption
Optimizing AI and ML can be a daunting task for many companies but it’s a tool that can be worked with, rather than against.
A smart phone opened up to John Lewis retail app
John Lewis Partnership and Google Cloud collab on £100m digital deal
John Lewis Partnership has teamed up with Google Cloud for a deal worth £100m spanning the next five years, focused on a digital transformation of its retail stores.
Workday's logo at an event in Sweden
Workday intros next-gen Elastic Hypercube Technology
Workday has introduced the next generation of its patented Elastic Hypercube Technology to help organizations manage changing business needs.
glowing ATM with neon lights | AI banking Google Cloud Macquarie AI online banking
Google Cloud and Macquarie bring AI to online banking
Google Cloud underpins all of Macquarie’s Banking and Financial Services group’s digital customer interfaces and processes, including its strategic and analytical data platforms and ML-based applications.
abstract image of AI : Certinia
How AI and ML will drive the future of work
As we enter the new era of the workplace, how do AI and ML benefit us. Can humans be redeployed or is AI and ML here to stay?