An outline of a human brain but detailed with circuit board-styling | Articul8
Intel and DigitalBridge launch GenAI software platform, Articul8
Intel and DigitalBridge Group, a global investment firm, have launched Articul8 AI, an independent company which offers users a full-stack, vertically-optimized and secure GenAI software platform.
abstract illustrated image of cyberattacks, person wearing a hoodie is sat in front of computer screens | cyberattacks
Microsoft disables Windows feature amid flurry of cyberattacks
Microsoft has disabled a Windows feature, App Installer, which allows users to download new applications after discovering that financially motivated actors were utilizing it to spread malware.
Salesforce building | Salesforce and Spiff
Salesforce to acquire Spiff to boost sales portfolio
Salesforce has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Spiff, a provider of incentive compensation management (ICM) software that combines a low-code UI and processing engine to drive commissions automation at scale.
image of IBM building | StreamSets and webMethods
IBM to acquire StreamSets and webMethods platforms from Software AG
IBM has entered into a definitive agreement with Software AG to purchase StreamSets and webMethods, Software AG’s Super iPaaS (integration platform-as-a-service) ERP platforms for €2.13bn.
image of humans and one robot | low-code
The low-code fix for your skills chase
Enterprises simply can't hire enough technology specialists fast enough. Are low-code and no-code solutions a perfect fix?
image of astronaut in space gazing at the navy sky with stars | Big data
Dated but still feted: The Big Data universe
Big Data is big. To paraphrase the late, great Douglas Adams on space: You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. And that's nothing compared to the hype around it.
abstract image of data swamp
Cleaning up the data swamp
In a world amassing a colossal amount of data, how are we wading through the swamp? Beyond dumping our data somewhere, it also needs to be handled and put to good use.
abstract image of AI, a cyber brain with blue detailing on a black background | AI
An AI on the Future
With all this attention, you could be forgiven for thinking that AI is a new technology. Phil Lewis says, "let's see how far we can go," as the results of decades of developments come to mainstream fruition.
art image of Formula 1 car | F1 and ERP
Developing a winning Formula: The ERP vendors delivering for F1 racing teams
In this highly competitive sport, where precision and speed reign supreme, the role of ERP solutions has become vital for F1 teams in gaining that winning edge.
image of Google Cloud HQ logo | Accenture and Google Cloud AI
Millennium Management portfolio managers rise with Google Cloud
Google Cloud has announced that Millennium Management, a global alternative investment manager, will provide Millennium portfolio managers with Google Cloud’s cloud infrastructure.
abstract image of brain in orange | Accenture and Unilever
Accenture joins forces with Unilever to unleash the power of AI
Accenture has entered into a collaboration with Unilever to leverage Unilever’s AI research and implementation of technologies that drive productivity, efficiencies and accelerate disruptive and AI-powered innovations at scale.