Tech giants unite as IBM and SAP forge new AI solutions for CPG and retail sector

image of brain (AI) on circuit board | GenAI

In the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail sectors, SAP users face the critical need for a secure and efficient finance system to drive sales and boost productivity. Recognizing the potential of AI in enhancing business processes, especially in supply chain, sales and finance operations, IBM has announced its collaboration with SAP to develop tailored solutions specifically addressing the challenges faced by SAP users in these industries.

With a shared legacy of technology expertise and the completed work of embedding IBM watsonx into SAP solutions, IBM is working with SAP to create new generative and traditional AI solutions to be focused on addressing the complexities of the direct store delivery business process and product portfolio management.

IBM Consulting and SAP are already working with CPG clients worldwide to gather detailed requirements to create secured and scalable AI solutions that can be integrated with the SAP Direct Distribution solution.

‌These solutions will help CPG companies, wholesale distributors and retailers manage store-level assortments, enhance product distribution and drive revenue by enhancing transportation planning and execution and automating order settlement.

EJ Kenney, senior vice president consumer products industry and life sciences business unit at SAP, said: “At SAP, we look forward to collaborating with IBM on this important initiative to help consumer goods companies transform their operations and improve their bottom line.”

“We understand the complexities that come with managing direct store delivery and by leveraging the power of AI we aim to help our customers better manage their last mile distribution more effectively, minimize waste, improve customer satisfaction and achieve business vale in today’s fast-paced consumer industry.”

Luq Niazi, global managing partner, industries and global consumer industry, IBM Consulting, said: “Global and regional consumer industry organizations must manage various commerce applications and need advanced insights to provide proactive recommendations that help improve operations and meet customer expectations.”

“With SAP, we are looking to build on the long-standing work of incorporating AI into SAP solutions that can help enterprise clients achieve further business value.”

SAP users incorporating these GenAI solutions can benefit from a simplified and streamlined system that handles their finance operations, sales and services efficiently and without fuss. With GenAI taking over in this tech-powered world, users should be taking advantage its benefits to drive business growth and enhance operations.