Up in the clouds: IBM and SAP expand long-standing collaboration

image of mountain in clouds with pine forest in foreground | IBM and SAP

IBM and SAP have announced plans to expand their over 50-year collaboration and unveil new GenAI capabilities and industry-specific cloud solutions to help clients unlock business value.

Both companies aim to accelerate transformation enabled by RISE with SAP by supporting clients in different areas of the business.

IBM and SAP are exploring opportunities to build new GenAI capabilities for RISE with SAP and infuse AI into SAP business processes across industry-specific cloud solutions and a range of business applications.

Scott Russel, chief revenue officer and executive board member, customer success of SAP SE, said: “It makes perfect sense to expand our partnership with IBM to help more customers accelerate their cloud journey leveraging RISE with SAP and realize the transformative benefits of GenAI for business in the cloud.

“This expanded partnership will help more of our joint customers reach new heights by innovating through the cloud, data and business AI to grow and transform their businesses.”

For customers to drive next-generation industry innovation, both companies plan to build intelligent use cases, enabled by data-driven insights, into end-to-end business processes. To begin with, these use cases will focus on the industrial manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, retail, defense, automotive and utilities industries.

In addition to this, both companies plan to partner around their respective employee network groups and communities to increase the SAP solutions experience in the consulting workforce and develop the next generation of talent.

IBM Granite Model Series are expected to be accessible across SAP’s cloud solutions and applications, which is underpinned by the GenAI hub in SAP AI Core. The GenAI hub provides access to a range of large language models, facilitated by relevant, reliable and responsible business AI.

John Granger, senior vice president of IBM Consulting, said: “IBM and SAP’s shared approach to GenAI, built on an open ecosystem, trust and purpose-built models, will help empower clients to optimize business outcomes.

“Our new Value Generation partnership initiative will enable clients to accelerate the path to innovation, competitive advantage and become a next-generation enterprise through GenAI.”

Recently, ERP Today spoke with IBM’s global head of SAP, Mike Perera, about the company’s wins and next steps with its partnership with SAP, cloud migration and emerging GenAI and Quantum technologies.