Tech Mahindra scores with AWS to enhance sports fan experience

image of Cricket stadium | Tech Mahindra and AWS

Tech Mahindra has announced a new collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build a sports cloud platform.

The offering focuses on building next-generation digital capabilities for sports organizations and delivering immersive and personalized experiences to sporting enthusiasts worldwide.

The sports cloud offering is the result of a strategic collaboration agreement (SCA) between both organizations in September with a vision to bring the sports institutions closer to the fans and the fans closer to the action. The SCA supports ease of access for Tech Mahindra to AWS resources and services and allows both entities to participate in joint go-to-market initiatives and drive business growth.

Tech Mahindra and AWS will collaborate to offer a digital platform to sports organizations and use cases related to content and community engagement, customer data management and audience segmentation and sports analytics, while delivering immersive stadium-to-home fan experiences by leveraging AR, VR and metaverse gamification.

Sports organizations can build and transform the digital properties of sports teams and franchises and generate new revenue streams by developing new services and features tailored to audience needs.

Tech Mahindra aims to deploy its offering to enhance the digital capabilities of sports leagues, franchises and organizations providing immersive and personalized experiences to fans worldwide. Already leveraging this offering, Punjab Kings, a professional franchise Cricket team based in India, has been working with Tech Mahindra to engage fans by bringing content, community and commerce together.

Satish Menon, CEO, Punjab Kings, said: “I’m pleased to know about Tech Mahindra’s collaboration with AWS to build a sports cloud, and it’s exciting that it can accelerate the digital transformation aspiration for sporting organizations. Combining action from on-and-off-the-field with digital initiatives can create new opportunities for global sporting organizations to engage fans and take them deeper into the game.

“This can enable sporting organizations to plan broadcasting and content development in more creative ways and offer greater game insights, all from a fan’s perspective. My best wishes to the teams from Tech Mahindra and AWS.”

Samira Bakhtiar, general manager, media, entertainment and sports, AWS, said: “AWS provides cloud-enabled technologies that are at the heart of digital innovation, athlete performance optimization and epic fan engagement, transforming the way sports are played, analyzed and enjoyed. Tech Mahindra shares our passion for the sports industry and our belief that cloud, AI, ML and emerging technologies will drive the sports technology of the future.”