The complexity of migrating old data to new systems made easier with More4apps

Abstract image of a green and red net entwined together across a dark background | More4apps digital transformation

A digital transformation can sometimes be migraine-inducing for all those involved. Whether it’s trying to navigate outdated hardware and legacy systems or just trying to sift through a metric gigaton of old data, the process can be a frustrating one.

Why should you move on from your legacy systems, anyway? They’ve worked for decades before, they can work for decades still. Technology will always march on and, unfortunately, that includes the technology used by cybercriminals. The more you rely on older systems, the more you risk danger from a cyber attack. Can your legacy systems weather a prolonged digital assault from advanced hacking software? Better not to risk it.

One of the major steps of a digital transformation is moving data from the old systems over to the new – a process that requires care and precision, and also a process in which technology can help you every step of the way.

This is where it would be wise to employ the services of a provider like More4apps, who has access to specialist migration tools to help stay on schedule and reduce the headache. When it comes to migrating data, you’ll need a full round of data cleansing; fix data issues, remove duplicates, fix missing values – it’s all important for maintaining healthy digital hygiene.

A helpful medium to keep track of the data changes is a spreadsheet, something that any service provider worth their salt will be able to integrate with. For example, More4apps use of Excel-based tools make understanding the changes a lot easier. The best providers will also make their tools as user-friendly as possible, while also providing training to end-users to make the migration and digital transformation process smoother and on-schedule.

With a combination of the right tools and suitable service provider, migrating legacy data doesn’t have to be a painful process.