Cloud Platform and Technology

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrates smoothly with cloud platforms, representing a pragmatic evolution in technology. The collaboration between ERP and cloud technology offers practical advantages, including scalability, accessibility, and agility for businesses. This combination enables real-time collaboration, data analytics, and improved security. Embracing the cloud allows ERP systems to adapt dynamically to changing business needs. Cloud-based ERP solutions offer efficient resource utilization, cost-effectiveness, and swift deployment, contributing to operational efficiency. In the current landscape of digital transformation, the integration of ERP with cloud technology serves as a practical strategy, ensuring businesses remain adaptable, competitive, and technologically proficient.

image of Google Cloud HQ logo | Bharti Airtel and Google Cloud join to deliver cloud solutions to India
Bharti Airtel communications and Google Cloud to deliver cloud solutions to India
Bharti Airtel and Google Cloud will create top-tier AI/ML solutions that Airtel will leverage its data to train, delivering enhanced value to its customers.
Martin Ashplant Joins ERP Today as CEO
Wellesley Information Services announces that Martin Ashplant has joined ERP Today as the CEO to spearhead continued operational excellence.
ERP Today’s new CEO on the platform’s bright tomorrow
ERP Today CEO Martin Ashplant discusses his professional background, why he decided to join the platform and his bright vision of the future.
brown bridge over a body of water | Oracle OCI cloud
Red Hat OpenShift joins OCI to aid user compliance
Red Hat and Oracle have announced the general availability of Red Hat OpenShift on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Compute Virtual Machines (VMs) to enable validated and supported configurations and meet customer needs for regulatory compliance, performance and cost-effectiveness.
image split in half with purple on the left and black and white on the right: More4apps webinar on FBDI Exile: Handling supplier contracts and customer data in Oracle Fusion Cloud without limitations
FBDI Exile: Handling supplier contracts and customer data without limitations
In this More4apps webinar, Andrew Gooch, UK product development and support officer, discusses why in the dynamic landscape of business operations, the consistent and effective management of customer and supplier data is paramount.
photo of two UK Paralympian athletes on a race in wheelchairs | Deloitte and ParalympicsGB digital experience
Deloitte and ParalympicsGB launch immersive digital experience ahead of Paris 2024
ParalympicsGB has teamed up with Deloitte to launch Mindscape, an immersive digital experience designed to provide a unique insight into what it takes for Paralympians to succeed both on and off the field of play.
aerial photograph of a shopping mall with escalators and multiple floors | Salesforce solutions for customer experience
Beyond Inc. expands investment in Salesforce to enrich customer experience
Beyond, Inc. has announced an expanded investment in Salesforce to drive greater customer loyalty and deliver more personalized shopping experiences for customers across the company’s brands.
Close up view of a man holding an axel grinder with sparks flying off the metal | manufacturing IFS
Manufacturing processes aren’t exempt from business transformations
The need for a robust, cloud-enhanced manufacturing system was recognized by manufacturing-focused software specialists IFS, whose IFS Cloud solution can provide several methods to positively alter shop floor processes, ultimately improving the end user experience.
cargo ships docked at the pier during day | Oracle supplier management
Sourcing and supplier management with Oracle is about to get strategic – here’s how
Businesses know that effective global sourcing and supplier management strategies are vital for sustainable growth. In recent years, the focus has shifted from mitigating supply chain disruptions to managing suppliers more effectively.
the Canadian flag with a mountain landscape in the background | IBM signs agreements to boost Canada's semiconductor industry
IBM signs agreements to boost Canada’s semiconductor industry
IBM and the governments of Canada and Quebec have announced an agreement to help further strengthen the country's semiconductor industry.
Catchpoint: Site Reliability Engineering comes of age
Users plug in. Every working day of our lives (and indeed on many leisure days in this post-pandemic work-from-home reality), users plug in to the Internet and draw down its data-rich content and services to run teams, departments, businesses or...
SPAR Austria moves with RISE with SAP to SAP S/4HANA Finance and the cloud – in just one step
Read the full story on how SPAR Austria was able to migrate more than 1.1 billion data records to a new cloud-based SAP S/4HANA finance system with the help of SNP's flexible approach and software.
At IFS, we deliver award-winning solutions for companies who want to be their best when it matters most to their customers - at their Moment of Service.
photo of a chess board, strategy and defense concept | guidance
Microsoft releases Zero Trust strategy guidance for DoD customers
Microsoft has released new guidance for the Department of Defense (DoD) Zero Trust strategy to adopt a new cybersecurity framework and help customers facilitate informed and risk-based decisions.
photo of Infor Velocity event in London with CEO and CTO onstage | Infor
Infor announces “momentum” solutions for clients at Velocity Tour London
Infor Velocity Tour has arrived in London today at Tottenham Hotspur stadium with Infor’s CEO and CTO ready to deliver the most recent updates.
Waltham Forest Town Hall building in London
Transforming finance, procurement and HR for London with Oracle
We spoke with Simon Copsey and Ghan Varsani at the London Borough of Waltham Forest Council discussing the council's cloud move with Oracle.
Image taken at Oracle NetSuite Suite Connect event London, during the Keynote talks.
Oracle NetSuite announcements entice UK customers to “Suite up”
Oracle NetSuite’s SuiteConnect event has reached London, with the announcement that the platform developments teased in the US last month, including GenAI, FSM and more, are now available to UK customers.
Video: Cloud ERP Software for Manufacturing
Experience the speed and security of the cloud with Global Shop Solutions' ERP software, which is specifically designed with your manufacturing processes in mind.
Closeup of a computer board being constructed | EventSense Rossera
Achieving day-to-day automation with EventSense
Remaining agile and adaptable in today's modern world requires a business that's built on a backbone of robust and versatile technology. EventSense takes care of the less consequential events while you can focus on more strategic work.
photograph of a road in a desert leading to mountains during sunny day; digital transformation concept
Don’t forget the cloud on the road to AI digital transformation
AI and cloud solutions have become two leading technological developments transforming business operations. Together, they have provided improved work capabilities and increased IT agility. However, organizations that currently deploy AI services in cloud environments do not always use them. Earlier...
CGI image of a red cloud connected to desktop computer, surrounded by abstract tech panels | Cloud ERP SAP
From a single scoop to a punnet: Cloud ERP is designed to scale as business appetite grows
Cloud ERP gives you the powerful technology, flexibility and access to cutting-edge innovations you need to navigate your growth journey, no matter where it takes you.
More4apps graphic poster, stating "Getting more from your Oracle ERP: an ERP Leader's Guide"
Getting more from your Oracle ERP: An ERP leader’s guide
Businesses know that ERP systems are crucial to organizational efficiency, productivity, revenue and growth. Especially in the drive toward innovation and modernization, managing and updating an ERP system becomes a vital part of goal achievement for today’s business needs. However,...
Nutanix analysis details ‘cloud smart’ workspace embrace of multicloud
Hybrid multi-cloud computing Nutanix has announced the findings of its sixth annual Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI) survey and research report. The study is intended to measure global cloud adoption and related trends. The 2024 report reveals that the majority of respondents are...
person walking over bridge with gaps
When RISE leaves you exposed: Gaps that can trip up SAP leaders
RISE with SAP presents one option for migrating critical SAP workloads to the cloud. However, before signing on the dotted line, enterprises must navigate the less publicized realities that can turn a RISE migration into a frustrating quagmire.
SAP cloud partner
AI with a little help from my friends: The role of cloud and partnerships for innovation
ERP Today interviews SAP’s CMSO and its S/4HANA VP at the 2024 SAP Partner Summit to discuss cloud, partnerships and the future of AI.
Pagoda city surrounded by trees during sunset; client innovation in Japan concept
Accenture acquires CLIMB to bring resources and spur client innovation
Accenture has announced the acquisition of technology services provider, CLIMB, to bring more critical skills to global organizations in Japan and navigate technology change.
An Audi Yellow Car - SNP SAP cloud
Audi and SNP ride into cloud competitiveness
SNP's expertise in ALM and innovative software solutions have empowered Audi to navigate the migration to S/4HANA with confidence.