Cloud Platform and Technology

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrates smoothly with cloud platforms, representing a pragmatic evolution in technology. The collaboration between ERP and cloud technology offers practical advantages, including scalability, accessibility, and agility for businesses. This combination enables real-time collaboration, data analytics, and improved security. Embracing the cloud allows ERP systems to adapt dynamically to changing business needs. Cloud-based ERP solutions offer efficient resource utilization, cost-effectiveness, and swift deployment, contributing to operational efficiency. In the current landscape of digital transformation, the integration of ERP with cloud technology serves as a practical strategy, ensuring businesses remain adaptable, competitive, and technologically proficient.

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Encryption solutions are protecting fragile data in age of cloud
In the age of high-tech innovations and solutions aiding businesses and upgrading clients’ systems, securing sensitive data should be at the top of any SAP users’ priorities.
image of pot of coins with leaf sprouting out | SAP Analytics Cloud
Modernizing financial planning with SAP Analytics Cloud
Migrating to S/4HANA has its pros and cons, for SAP users who want to modernize their financial planning the best way forward is to start with an easy and simplified process.
Avoid Falling Behind on your S/4HANA Journey with a Brownfield+ Approach
For those using a Brownfield+ the question switches from which implementation route to who to go on that implementation journey with.
Kid pretending to fly with a spaceship on his back : SAP TechEd
A Sneak Peek at SAP TechEd 2024
SAP TechEd in 2024 will host a global virtual event, SAP on tour to meet you wherever you might be and a finale in Palm Beach at ASUG.
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Microsoft and Vodafone team up to better serve customers through tech advancements
Vodafone and Microsoft have announced a partnership to bring GenAI and digital services advances to more than 300 million businesses.
Video: Oracle Guided Learning Demo
This video shows you how OGL guides you through a process - allowing seamless use of Cloud (Fusion) Apps and continuous learning for employees.
a hand holding a yellow hologram of a cloud | Anthropic
Advantages of on-premise ERP for manufacturers
Read more about the benefits that keep large numbers of manufacturers using the On-Premise ERP platform.
The role of industry clouds in S/4HANA deployment
PwC's Industry Cloud is built with a collaborative approach, using tailored ecosystems to customize organization’s journeys to the cloud.
We specialise in solutions which complement your investments in Oracle Cloud technology whether that’s integrating your systems, extending the reach of your Oracle Cloud Applications or streamlining your journey from on-premise systems.
Reviving legacy systems with API integration
An API abstraction and modernization layer insulates client-facing applications from shifting backend services.
Choosing the right implementation route for you
To choose RISE with SAP versus other cloud migration services is a question that SAP users have to ask themselves before their journey begins.
satellite image of Earth - America | IBM and American Tower
IBM and American Tower help enterprises unlock the power of multi-cloud
IBM has announced a new collaboration with American Tower, a global digital infrastructure provider, to accelerate the deployment of a hybrid, multi-cloud platform at the edge.
A swirling green spiral on a black background, with a white X superimposed over the centre of the spiral | Data sovereignty Nutanix
Why the data sovereignty push will require complexity and cost controls
Data sovereignty has gone viral. Businesses recognize the need to address it, with 41 percent of them claiming data compliance and security as a top barrier to achieving expected cloud value. Here's what you need to know.
The Evolution of RISE and GROW in the SaaS Era
CNT provides personalized assistance for SAP users, ensuring a smooth shift to the SaaS model with RISE and GROW.
abstract image of a neuron | Fortrea and Cognizant
Fortrea chooses Cognizant to transform its technology
Fortrea, a global provider of clinical development and patient access solutions to the life sciences industry, has selected Cognizant as its strategic technology transformation provider.
ERP Today Live! with Certinia
In this ERP Today Live! session, Stephanie Ball speaks with Vicky Nisbet, senior area vice president comms, media, sports and technology at Salesforce and Andy Campbell, director, solutions marketing at Certinia
A singular cloud floating in the sky | Avvale
The role of hyperautomation in speeding up migrations before SAP ECC deadline
Avvale provide services like the Hyper-Automation Journey Design to tailor automation and AI to customers with more unique challenges. 
View of a semi cloudy sky on a rather sunny day | systemair Infor
Infor supports Systemair as they fly to higher ambitions
Infor announced that Europe's largest ventilation company, Systemair, is moving its core business system to Infor CloudSuite Manufacturing. Systemair want smoother integration of acquired companies and development of new types of products and services.
Close up of a spreadsheet full of codes and numbers | spreadsheet Infor
Retiring spreadsheets: the business case you’ve been waiting for
The spreadsheet… Perhaps the most prolific office tool since the dawn of electronic admin. As the future marches ever on, is it time to upgrade, kick spreadsheets to the wind and look for better tech?  
image of hospital staff walking down corridor wearing scrubs | North Memorial Health and Oracle
North Memorial Health, Indian Health Service and GDIT put patients first with Oracle
Oracle is to deploy solutions for North Memorial Health, as well as India Health Service, with the latter in collaboration with GDIT.
The customizable financial solution for SAP users
SAP users are spending valuable time, effort and money manually sorting their SAP financial and operational data.
Oracle or SAP
Oracle or SAP, which is best?
Choosing which is best out of Oracle and SAP is a bit like deciding which is your least favourite child. In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations, both big and small, are constantly seeking ways to optimize their operations and...
image of Julie Sweet Accenture chair and CEO | Accenture Q1 24
Accenture demonstrates steady growth in Q1 2024
Accenture has reported its financial results for Q1 fiscal year 2024, ending November 30, 2023. The company saw revenue growth increase by three percent rising to $16.2bn.
typewriter in black and white | ERP Today’s weekly hotlist: 23-27 October
ERP Today’s weekly hotlist: 11-15 December
We’re bringing you ERP Today’s weekly hotlist, featuring our top news picks from the week of 11-15 December.
a bunch of tabloid newspapers and magazine with red covers | ERP implementation
Slow, stuck and public…Sector ERP under scrutiny
Public sector organizations haven’t always had an easy ride, but is the public sector failing to cross its ERP implementation red tape?
Chris Mason | From bedroom to boardroom
From bedroom to boardroom
Chris Mason started Namos Solutions from his bedroom 11 years ago. Today, it boasts 130 employees and has opened offices in Europe and the US
Infor Innovations Day: It’s RPA, Jim, but not as we know it
Probing deeper into the latest updates to CloudSuite, as unveiled at Infor Innovations Day Nordics.