UiPath AI10 awards point to coal-face of AI deployment

UiPath Awards

UiPath used its Forward VI conference this week in Las Vegas to detail the winners of its inaugural UiPath AI10 Awards programme.

The enterprise automation company says that these awards recognise UiPath deployment use cases that best exemplify the power of AI and automation.

The 10 winning organizations were honoured on-stage at Forward VI, UiPath’s annual global AI and automation conference in Las Vegas. 

As we know, AI continues to attract widespread attention with its ability to generate insights and intelligence. However, as UiPath reminds us, insights alone are not enough. 

Automation is the best path to deliver on whatever AI conceives, seamlessly integrating intelligence into everyday operations, automating all knowledge work, upleveling employees and revolutionising entire industries.

Value of AI and automation

UiPath’s annual AI10 Awards program identifies the customers who best illustrate the combined value of AI and automation in solving critical business challenges, generating significant ROI and accelerating innovation. Companies across the globe submitted their applications to a panel of expert judges who determined the winners based on their ability to articulate the business drivers, implementation and results of their UiPath AI-powered automation use case.

 “UiPath customers are capable of bringing the transformative force of AI to life through our Business Automation Platform. On behalf of UiPath, I congratulate our inaugural AI10 winners for demonstrating how to deliver on what AI conceives,” said Kelly Ducourty, chief customer officer, UiPath. 

Ducourty says that these organizations embody what it means to be an AI at work leader. 

“They are using AI-powered automation to achieve incredible business outcomes while also elevating job satisfaction for employees and inspiring creativity in their organisations. With this prestigious recognition, our AI10 winners set a benchmark for their industries to strive for greater results through AI and automation,” she added. 

The inaugural class of UiPath AI10 Awards winners are: Banca Progetto, Cox Enterprises, Equifax, Expion Health, Flutter UK & Ireland, Intel Corporation, Lazard, Omega Healthcare, OMERS and USI Insurance Services.