UiPath leverages Reco AI tools to increase SaaS data security

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Reco, a SaaS security platform, has announced that it is enabling UiPath to increase security in the company’s SaaS collaboration platforms.

The Reco platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to take unstructured data and communication in SaaS tools and build a real-time interaction graph for the customer, providing context around sensitive data and parties who are interacting with it. It will reduce the chance of data exfiltration and theft, while also automating the risk reduction process, thereby lessening the operational burden on the UiPath security team.

UiPath will gain improved SaaS collaboration security and save time to allow focus on more strategic initiatives. By leveraging UiPath enterprise automation integration to remediate risks, Reco’s platform is able to further streamline risk reduction efforts and drive greater return on investment for UiPath.

Yassir Abousselham, chief information security officer at UiPath, said: “As a global organization, we deploy multiple SaaS collaboration tools, and we need an effective way to understand how sensitive corporate data is being used. Reco connected its security platform seamlessly, identified risky scenarios and provided actionable remediation. Reco generated out-of-the-box value for us through a comprehensive and prioritized view of risks that allow us to take immediate action if necessary to protect sensitive data assets.”

Ofer Klein, CEO of Reco, said: “Organizations today are using more SaaS apps than ever before – and sensitive data is flowing through those tools. UiPath is a global leader that was looking for a tool to help them reduce the operational burden felt by trying to reduce risk on their own. Reco’s AI-powered platform can accurately understand which employees and 3rd parties interact with the data and assess the risk of exposure, while also identifying which individuals should have access to that data. This holistic approach to SaaS data security results in a much more accurate and effective risk reduction strategy, providing peace of mind for organizations like UiPath.”