Unit4 announces new commitment to CSR

Unit4 has announced a new corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme to focus on building an inclusive and sustainable society for its employees, customers and partners.

Unit4’s new CSR approach aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals – the world’s best plan to build a better world for people and our planet by 2030.

Unit4 is committed to creating social impact, globally and locally by equipping youth and workers with the relevant skills for financial success and in the digital economy; engaging in preventative healthcare, promoting wellbeing and physical initiatives, and reducing carbon footprint and encouraging sustainable consumption.

The company is partnering with iamtheCODE, the first African-led global movement to mobilise governments, the private sector, philanthropic foundations, investors and civil society to advance STEAMED (Science, Technology, Arts, Mathematics, Entrepreneurship and Design) education. Unit4 will support their initiatives with donations, volunteering and mentoring.

Mike Ettling, CEO at Unit4, said: “I personally feel very passionate and am totally committed to ensuring that as a company Unit4 does all that it can to assist young women to grow up to have a bright future, and help them leverage the power of technology and improve their digital literacy. I strongly believe in iamtheCODE’s mission and want to help it achieve its goal of empowering millions of girl coders who will join technology companies in the future I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.”

Speaking to ERP Today about the new CSR programme, Lisa Dodman, chief people officer at Unit4, said: “We take our responsibility to society very seriously. Through our expanded CSR program, we want to be a front runner in accelerating social and environmental change, focused on building an inclusive and sustainable society and improving people’s lives. It demonstrates our commitment to our people, customers and our partners who increasingly care about social value. Our intention is to provide an enriching experience and drive positive impact working with organisations like iamtheCODE. This is just one example of an initiative we’re supporting with donations, volunteering and mentoring.”

Pictured: Lisa Dodman / Chief People Officer at Unit4