Unit4 focusses next-generation software on ‘people experience’

Unit4 has launched a brand identity and corporate focus on the strategic concept of ‘people experience’ to meet today’s changing work environment – particularly for service-oriented organisations.

Designed to transform the way people work, Unit4’s People Experience Suite applies AI and machine learning to bring together the financial and productivity functions of ERP, the people engagement of HCM, and the benefits of rapidly changing planning and analytics software.

“Our entire software suite will be cloud-native from the ground up,” said Mike Ettling, CEO. “And this means more fully integrated software that runs more intuitively and seamlessly for the people who use it – better uniting the enterprise and connecting the needs of the business with the needs and interests of the people who power it.”

Unit4 defines ‘people experience’ as a discipline applied to software development that prioritises human experience and how to improve it across the organisation.

The greatest benefit of the ‘people experience’ focus comes from the Unit4 People Platform, which delivers the tools and capabilities for making Unit4 applications self-driving, adaptive and intuitive, intelligently automating administrative tasks and allowing non-IT specialists to change, grow and configure services through localisations and best-practice models.

“At the core of our focus is what makes Unit4 different from other ERP/HCM vendors – our solutions are designed to be used by all the people, across the organisation,” Ettling added. “Unit4 customers don’t make products, they deliver services for universities, professional service firms, non-profits and governments. Unit4 is focussed on helping those people who help people. This is what we stand for, said Ettling. “It’s about building success through the experiences not just of employees, users or customers, but about improving the experiences of everyone who touches our customers’ ecosystem. That’s what we mean by people experience.”