Unit4 chosen by South Kesteven District Council for finance management

Unit4 and South Kesteven District Council

Unit4 has announced that they have been selected by South Kesteven District Council for Unit4 Financials, and FP&A to meet the Council’s financial management needs, with high volume transactional activities and complex forecasting requirements. 

In this partnership, the Council is looking for a modern, integrated system that would allow for financial planning and analysis. 

Unit4 ERP Financials and FP&A aims to provide South Kesteven District Council with Increased speed and accuracy, real-time access, and deeper insight into operational and financial information for informed decision making. Additionally, the Council will expectantly have access to data analytics and trend analysis and the ability to model future year budgetary information for financial planning. 

The council will benefit from Unit4’s automation, which will reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and aid their ability to visualize data for reporting purposes through the use of dashboards and graphs, and they will be able to drill down to identify root causes and dependencies for financial planning.

Unit4 also hopes to offer Integrated asset tracking with accounting, procurement and other financial functions for full financial control and visibility.

South Kesteven District Council is among more than 100 councils in the UK which have recently selected Unit4, including a third of English local authorities, including St.Helen’s Borough Council, Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils and North Warwickshire Borough Council. Unit4 has previously assisted these other councils, in ways such as  replacing their legacy systems that are no longer fit for purpose and moving their finance solution to the cloud.