WorkForce Software launches SAP SuccessFactors integration

A zoomed in image of people sat in front of an apple laptop with one person pointing towards the screen | SAP SucessFactors integration

WorkForce Software has launched its new prebuilt integration to SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM) Suite, leveraging SAP Integration Suite and forming part of the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

A human resources technology provider, WorkForce Software looks to deliver an integrated employee experience and workforce management solutions for large, complex employers across the world. Said to adapt to each organization’s unique pay rules, labor regulations and schedules, its software works to protect against compliance risks, increase employee engagement and improve resiliency and performance.

The integration capability of its modern workforce management solutions hopes to complement SAP’s human experience management (HXM) offerings and seeks to demonstrate the firm’s commitment to delivering continuous improvement through prebuilt integrations with SAP BTP.

This latest interface between SAP SuccessFactors solutions and WorkForce Software has been designed to help support the time, scheduling and leave management solutions with SAP SuccessFactors.

Additional enhancements have also been released to the WorkForce Software solutions available from SAP. These include SAP Time and Attendance Management by WorkForce Software and SAP Workforce Forecasting and Scheduling by WorkForce Software.

Nicole Neumarker, chief technology officer at Workforce Software, said: “Adding a prebuilt integration through SAP BTP expands the offering for businesses using SAP SuccessFactors solutions. They will benefit from the latest SAP integration technologies with the benefits of easier implementations and lower maintenance costs. WorkForce Software’s integration with SAP SuccessFactors solutions allows organizations to effortlessly leverage our best-of-breed workforce management solution while ensuring deep integration with their HXM solutions.

“Now, organizations can more easily deploy our best-in-class solution for enabling the deskless workforce with smart scheduling, time and attendance management within the SAP ecosystem and supporting global regulatory, union and company policies in a time of accelerated change.”

The latest release follows as SAP SuccessFactors was named Channel Partner of the Year by WorkForce Software at its 2023 VISION Conference in May. The award recognizes partners who have demonstrated “exceptional value to global employers committed to modernizing their workforce management capabilities”.