Zoom enhances customer experience portfolio with new offerings

image of new Zoom offering

Zoom has announced the general availability of its Workforce Engagement Management suite, including Workforce Management and Quality Management for Contact Center customers, the latest additions to Zoom’s customer experience solutions portfolio. 

The Zoom Workforce Engagement Management suite expands Zoom’s customer experience software offering by enabling users to scale team operations, optimize agent schedules, improve staffing challenges and agent engagement and provide valuable feedback and coaching opportunities to increase agent motivation and performance. The solutions are fully integrated with Zoom’s cloud contact center. 

Zoom Quality Management is an AI-powered customer experience tool that allows contact centers to analyze customer interactions to improve agent performance and unlock key business insights. Quality Management helps increase agent proficiency and performance by providing coaching and learning opportunities for continuous improvement. This gives customer experience team leaders crucial insights for productivity, increased agent morale and reduced supervisor workloads.

With this, users can review customer interactions, unlocking AI-powered speech analytics to uncover insights, scan conversations and identify areas of improvement with “good questions,” “next steps,” context and callouts of key topics and indicators.

Quality assurance can also be established using “agent summary” to review KPIs, identify coaching and training opportunities and zero in on areas for improvement via scorecards, calibrations and automations.

Workforce Management helps ensure contact center teams are equipped with the correct number of agents to meet customer demands. With this solution users can forecast staffing, automate scheduling and manage workloads to meet demand requirements. Leveraging AI models, users can analyze historical trends, determine future staffing needs and predict call volume and handling time, helping to schedule up to four weeks in advance.

It will also give users intraday management capabilities, to monitor real-time adherence and respond to unplanned events and staffing needs, as well as leveraging its forecasting and scheduling capabilities.

Kentis Gopalla, head of Workforce Engagement Management and product ecosystem for Zoom Contact Center, said: “Zoom Workforce Engagement Management suite removes the need for multiple vendors to help customer experience and support leaders streamline contact center operations and transform their customer experience, all on one platform. 

“The contact center is at the heart of every customer experience and the Workforce Engagement Management suite ensures that Zoom customers have everything they need to deliver excellence to their customers.”