Zoom reveals AI Companion updates and array of new features

Zoom AI companion blue logo | Zoom reveals AI Companion updates and array of new features

Announced at Zoomtopia 2023, Zoom has unveiled several new enhancements and features to expand its platform for flexible collaboration, boosted productivity and improved virtual working spaces for users.

To begin with, Zoom is introducing innovative solutions to help businesses evolve their approach to hybrid work and collaboration, this includes the launch of a new Workvivo integration and enhancements to Zoom Meetings, Zoom Spaces and Zoom Huddles.

These enhancements aim to make meetings more effective with streamlined ways for users to communicate, collaborate and share information. Some of the additions to Zoom Meetings include an enhanced tab; a central hub for the entire meeting journey with integration of Calendar, Scheduler and Notes; Zoom Mesh for Meetings which allows organizations to reduce bandwidth usage by 20 percent or more during meetings; and global search which allows users to gather relevant information from across Zoom products such as Team Chat, Whiteboard and third-party apps.

New additions to Zoom will address hybrid working with the introduction of name tags, dynamic layouts for Zoom rooms, companion Zoom rooms, visitor management, workspace reservation wayfinding, workspace dashboard and more.

Additionally, Zoom has announced the general availability of new Zoom AI Companion capabilities and the expansion of AI Companion summarization capabilities to new industry users in higher education and healthcare.

The company’s AI Companion has debuted its new capabilities for Whiteboard which will allow users to generate ideas on a digital whiteboard and organize these ideas into categories, enabling teams to increase efficiency and productivity. In addition, the new improvements to Zoom Meetings allow users to catch up on any missed meetings and submit questions without disrupting the meeting via the in-meeting AI Companion side panel.

Mahesh Ram, head of AI applications at Zoom, said: “Zoom is continuing to invest in AI throughout our platform and taking a leadership stance in AI technology by being transparent that communications-like customer content will not be used to train Zoom’s AI models or its third-party artificial intelligence models.

“With the incredible capabilities of Zoom AI Companion, knowledge workers can have the power of large language models in their pocket, without breaking the bank. Zoom AI Companion is built to assist with everyday tasks, including Whiteboard capabilities, providing a boost of productivity whenever it’s needed.”

Finally, Zoom has launched its new product, Zoom Docs, a flexible AI-powered workspace built to address hybrid work challenges.

With Zoom Docs, users can create documents, build wikis and manage workflows seamlessly and on the Zoom platform. Docs is modular and adaptable and allows teams to create, collaborate and manage projects to stay organized. With built-in Zoom AI, users can populate docs with content from Zoom Meetings and generate content with Zoom AI Companion to deliver projects and plans based on previous meetings.