A Complete Guide to SAP

complete guide to SAP

This is an independent ERP Today publication written in collaboration with SAP and its key partners. The SAP Guide contains original articles, case studies and analyst reports covering the full spectrum of SAP’s proposition.


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Quotes by SAP CEO, Christian Klein, taken from our exclusive cover story interview.

“There’s certainly not a lack of workload! The challenges are complex, the stakes are high but if you walk into the office with the right mindset you can deal with whatever is in front of you.”

“Every strategy has its time and Bill’s tenure was dominated by a lot of important acquisitions which created a lot of value. My tenure is definitely more around how do we bring this together? Not like we did in the last 50 years – that would be a mistake. It’s about turning SAP into a cloud company and helping our customers become intelligent, sustainable enterprises.”

“There was leadership change because we need people thinking beyond the point of sale,” Klein told me. “The way we are structured internally is very different now and we are with you every step of the journey. We reorganised our teams so that technical, sales, delivery and customer success all work together and are incentivised around a common goal.”


For five decades SAP has been many things to many people. Its forefathers created an industry that supports millions of jobs and provided the foundations for global commerce to flourish. Many of the business process blueprints that we take for granted were conceived by SAP in the 1970s and today it is creating new standards that will become the code for commerce in the digital age. S/4HANA will power the finances and supply chains of the world’s biggest companies. BTP will provide the platform and architecture that companies use to construct new business models and innovate. The Business Network will be the foundation for a global consortium of intelligent enterprises that design, manufacture and sell the produce that citizens, companies and countries depend on. Above all else, SAP will be the company that provides the technology to convert aspirations into action – both in terms of business performance and sustainability – creating the next generation of industry leaders with the tools and insight to drive global commerce and a green agenda. In short, SAP was and still is the brand that defines an industry. In Klein’s own words, “We are just getting started.” Here’s to the next 50 years.