Sunset on clouds: RISE with SAP User
SAP addresses user concerns with RISE with SAP Migration and Modernization Program
SAP has unveiled its latest initiative, the RISE with SAP Migration and Modernization program, in response to consistent user concerns
Kid pretending to fly with a spaceship on his back : SAP TechEd
A Sneak Peek at SAP TechEd 2024
SAP TechEd in 2024 will host a global virtual event, SAP on tour to meet you wherever you might be and a finale in Palm Beach at ASUG.
SAP ushers in a new EMEA era with Manos at the helm
New EMEA president to further champion the growth and innovation of SAP customers as the age of AI takes over the ERP space.
Women supporting women: Empowering beyond the supply chain
Darcy MacClaren, global head of digital supply chain at SAP interviewed Lindsey Vonn who shared the challenges she has faced in her career.
image of rainforest | SAP and EY
EY expert expands on SAP and EY sustainability alliance
Just over a month ago, in October, SAP and EY expanded their alliance to help organizations accelerate value-led sustainability action.
laptop / how technology can help organizations get their houses in order
How technology can help organizations get their houses in order
The new EPR legislation will come into effect in 2025 and will require most large organizations to collect and report on plastic usage in their supply chain. Technology will be key in aiding companies to do so.
Walter Sun SAP webinar AI Ethics
SAP to host ‘AI Ethics at SAP’ online course with Walter Sun
In this course, Walter Sun will discuss the importance of AI ethics, how it's implemented at SAP and rules to follow in the AI revolution.
Futuristic city scape with bright, neon lights highlighting tall buildings during the night | Inoapps modernization
Inoapps and Oracle Cloud Apps: the first steps on the path to modernization
Modernizing processes and adopting new technology is an issue that needs to be addressed by most businesses. Before that decision is made, however, you need to identify what you hope to gain out of the new tech. 
Empowering Women in Supply Chain Breakfast | SAP Women
Uncovering your superpower as a woman in the SAP world
“What is your superpower?” You would be mistaken to think this is your guide to becoming the world’s next Wonder Woman. Rather, this is a snapshot into the Empowering Women in Supply Chain Breakfast session held at this year’s Mastering...
Mastering SAP EAM + Supply Chain & Procurement
Mastering SAP empowers women in supply chain at latest event
Mastering SAP EAM + Supply Chain & Procurement held its first ever Empowering Women in Supply Chain Breakfast session.
Jewel Towers, Gold Coast, Queensland | Mastering SAP
Mastering SAP brings two communities together in upcoming event
Mastering SAP EAM + Supply Chain & Procurement will take place on November 13-14 at the Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast, Queensland.
Juergen Mueller CTO SAP Tech Ed 2023 Event
Hark! The era of AI beckons at SAP TechEd 2023 with new GenAI series
At the SAP TechEd 2023 event in Bangalore India, SAP announced a comprehensive series of new generative AI capabilities.
Castle in the Clouds : SAP Microsoft cloud collab
SAP and Microsoft’s fairytale ending with cloud collab success story
As Microsoft credits successful Q1 24 to cloud initiatives, has the Microsoft/SAP cloud collab gotten its 'fairytale in the cloud' ending?
SAP Q3 financial
SAP Q3 financial results show Klein’s next phase of transformation underway
SAP has announced successful financial results for its Q3 financial period, showing its "next phase" of transformation is underway- but are all customers on the same journey?
Joule purple logo with a diamond | SAP unveils new generative AI assistant Joule
SAP unveils new generative AI assistant Joule
SAP has announced its new generative AI assistant, Joule, operating as a natural-language, AI copilot to transform the way businesses run.
An Iphone with Netflix on screen connected to headphones | SAP and ServiceNow
It’s 2007 all over again for SAP and ServiceNow
Two vendors with different products but a common link search for their defining moment. Will they find it?
Lab assistant delicately inserts test tube containing a dark substance into a testing machine | Price transparency healthcare
Price transparency can transform health systems as we know it
Price transparency and enhancing the patient experience, are the latest tools in optimizing healthcare systems.
Walter Sun : SAP : New global head of AI
SAP nabs new global AI head from Microsoft, Walter Sun
Walter Sun trades in his Microsoft hat for SAP's, becoming the new global head of AI, after an 18-year-long run with the company.
A fashionable lady in large sunglasses walking with hands full of shopping bags | Farm to fashion
From farm to fashion: What fashion brands can learn from the food industry
Is it time for the clothing industry to reflect the farming industry? Improving all processes from farm to fashion has a lot of benefits.
An image of workers sorting through apples in a factory | Infor food and beverage manufacturing | food and beverage
Digital tech is helping food and beverage firms combat inflation
Recent inflation is seeing food and beverage manufacturers risk profitability and customer relationships. Here's how to take back the reins.
A Bacon. Lettuce and Tomato sandwich on a plate | intelligent enterprise
Bacon, Lettuce and FOMO – AI is making the Future of Business
When faced with supply chain disruptions, a business doesn’t “need AI”, they need what AI can do. AI-infused ERP is out to skip the FOMO feeling.
A human brain with a memory board inside it. SAP AI Cloud
Unleashing the power of Generative AI for cloud ERP
In the context of ERP, generative AI will usher in a wave of innovation that will dramatically change how businesses run.
A building surrounded by greenery. Eco Friendly. Carbon Cloud : SAP BT Group
Cloud transactional carbon accounting is set to revolutionize businesses
With ever-improving ESG rules and regulations, how can businesses use carbon accounting in the Cloud to reduce their carbon footprint?
Viridor and Microsoft
Viridor energized as Microsoft Dynamics 365 cuts costs by a quarter
Viridor, a UK resource recovery and recycling management services provider, chooses to implement a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.
Oracle Trending Topics – Episode 3 Redefining talent retention: trends in employee experience
Oracle Trending Topics episode on how to help your talent connect, grow and thrive – and you to reduce employee turnover.
abstract image of AI : Certinia
How AI and ML will drive the future of work
As we enter the new era of the workplace, how do AI and ML benefit us. Can humans be redeployed or is AI and ML here to stay?
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