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Guide to servicenow

The ServiceNow Guide is an independent ERP Today publication written in collaboration with ServiceNow and its key partners. The resource contains original articles, case studies and analyst reports covering the full spectrum of the ServiceNow proposition.

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Also check out the ServiceNow Channel on ERP Today. An independent channel dedicated to ServiceNow partners and customers with all the latest news from the ServiceNow ecosystem.


Quotes by ServiceNow CEO, Bill McDermott, from our exclusive cover story interview.

“We used to talk about just in time but now everything is just in case. Why can Fisker bring an electric vehicle to market with twice the battery range of its competitors? How can Disney pivot their business model so quickly? How can a major bank onboard 5,000 new people at the height of the pandemic? It’s all through the ServiceNow platform – that’s the secret sauce. By using the ServiceNow platform, customers can spin-up new apps, services and revenue models in days and weeks and that is what makes ServiceNow such a technology sensation.”

“You’ve got to go from linear thinking to exponential thinking. Everything is possible with exponential thinking. It’s been reported that 75 percent of the Fortune 500 that are on the list today will not be on that list in 2027. Therefore, we have to think of new exponential ways of solving old problems and I see a very clear path to make ServiceNow the control tower for digital transformation.”

McDermott’s ultimate dream for ServiceNow

McDermott has enjoyed a stellar career but at the age of 60 this may be his swan song. He has worked relentlessly to create shareholder value, build purposeful brands and make a substantial impact. His aspirations are on a scale that few would dare to articulate: “currently at $5bn in revenue – we are going for $10bn, then $15bn by 2026,” he told me. But his empyreal dream cannot be expressed in a number. It won’t be defined by a share price. Bill’s Big Dream is to leave a meaningful and indelible marker on the world by creating a brand that cuts across domains, spans the boundaries between business and consumer and institutes a standard that is as familiar to civilians as it is to CEOs at the world’s biggest companies.