Accenture Federal Services bags $94m US Army contract

army people marching in uniforms

Accenture Federal Services (AFS) has secured a $94m US Army contract to transform and maintain the agency’s Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) system.

By integrating widely recognized commercial standards and architectures, the Accenture subsidiary will automate the Army’s traditional method of manually provisioning user accounts as it aims to empower the agency to make real-time access control decisions while sustaining current ICAM operations for more than 1,500 applications.

AFS will use Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), Privileged Access Management and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) capabilities to transform ICAM operations. These capabilities are expected to enable more effective information sharing while managing risks and protecting systems against unauthorized access.

The Army ICAM contract has a one-year period of performance with three 12-month option periods.

Keith Runtz, managing director and defense portfolio lead at Accenture Federal Services, said: “To combat an evolving array of cybersecurity threats, the Army needs a scalable solution to modernize its identity management and access controls system.

“Accenture Federal Services is excited to deliver a fast, secure and auditable ICAM solution that enables interoperability across the Army, DoD and mission partners.”

Dana Oliver, managing director of Accenture Federal Services and programs lead of US Army, said: “For the Army to be successful on tomorrow’s battlefields, network modernization is essential to fight and win in all domains – air, land, sea, space and cyberspace.

“In addition to enhancing its cybersecurity posture, these innovations will drive enterprise efficiencies for the Army by eliminating costs associated with redundant ICAM manpower, hardware, software and services.”

This latest development follows another Accenture Federal Services award of $98m by the Defense Health Agency (DHA) earlier this month, with the contract aimed to further enhance and operate the Joint Medical Common Operating Picture (MedCOP). Here, AFS aims to synchronize data across multiple network domains to deliver real-time collaboration and information sharing within and beyond the medical community.

In a similar announcement from last year, AFS also won a five-year contract from the US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) to deploy ServiceNow and modernize its Enterprise Service Management (ESM) capabilities.