Accenture to launch GenAI studios to boost capabilities in NA

image of Toronto, Canada with multi-coloured sign | GenAI studios

Accenture has announced its intentions to launch a network of GenAI studios in North America where companies can explore ways to optimize and reinvent their business through the responsible use of GenAI applications.

Clients interested in pursuing commercial uses of GenAI will be able to visit studios at Accenture Innovation Hubs in Chicago, Houston, New York, San Francisco, Toronto and Washington, D.C. These studios will have areas of specialization and will allow clients to explore industry use cases, co-innovate, conduct AI pilots and initiate and scale programs.

As part of Accenture’s $3bn investment in data and AI, the studios will connect clients with Accenture’s data and AI experts who will assist in helping them leverage Accenture’s ecosystem partnerships, ventures and strategic investments within the Center for Advanced AI. In addition, clients will have access to more than 1,450 patents and patent applications in Accenture’s AI solutions and learnings from more than 300 active GenAI projects.

Each one of these GenAI studios will support Accenture’s industries and functions, however, some locations will specialize in various industries to reflect the needs of clients. For example, Chicago will specialize in financial services, health, life sciences, consumer goods and services, Industry X and manufacturing, whereas, Houston will specialize in Industry X, chemicals, energy and utility industries.

Manish Sharma, CEO of Accenture North America, said: “The studios are designed to help our clients move from interest to action to value, in a responsible way with clear business cases.

“We are constantly refreshing our learning from more than 3,000 client conversations on GenAI this year. We use these conversations as demand signals to understand the real-world challenges our clients face and invest in the areas of greatest need and opportunity.”

“Clients are ready to move beyond generative AI experimentation. They want to harness generative AI at scale to fundamentally reinvent their business,” added Sharma. “Clients will come to the studios to access the latest innovations, experiment with new technologies, tools and approaches to advance their skills and develop roadmaps to adopt generative AI at scale.”