Accenture’s North America take-over continues with Comtech Group acquisition

Closeup of a globe in the shade, with particular attention directed at the North America section that currently has a few white pins dotted across it | Accenture Comtech Group

Accenture has acquired Comtech Group, a consulting and program management company for infrastructure projects, headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Comtech Group, founded in 1994, helps clients deliver infrastructure projects for transportation, industrial manufacturing, building and power and utility companies and has  offices in Canada and the US.

The move follows Accenture’s recent acquisition of Anser Advisory, an advisory and management company that also specializes in US infrastructure projects. The double acquisition has bolstered Accenture’s capital projects capabilities in North America and marks the firm’s efforts to expand capital projects capabilities in Canada. Comtech Group, like Anser Advisory, joins Industry X, Accenture’s digital engineering and manufacturing service.

These add to other Accenture acquisitions in this area, including Eclipse Automation, a provider of customized manufacturing automation and robotics solutions headquartered in Cambridge, Canada; Advoco, a US-based asset management services provider; ATI Solutions Group, an Australian consulting service provider to the mining, energy and rail industries; and umlaut, a global engineering services provider, headquartered in Germany.   has made to support its clients’ infrastructure projects include

Aaron Saint, North America lead for Industry X and senior managing director at Accenture, said: “With Comtech Group, we will help our clients deliver mission-critical infrastructure projects on time and on budget. This requires industry expertise, ‘boots on the ground’ know-how, and increasingly, AI and other digital capabilities to better plan, measure and monitor how these projects are executed. By combining Accenture and Comtech Group capabilities, we can better help deliver on our clients’ ambitious infrastructure programs.”

David Morgenstern, president of Accenture in Canada, commented: “We are expanding our capabilities at a time that Canada is committing to major infrastructure projects. Our country has deep roots in manufacturing, process and engineering industries. We are also home to leading organizations in AI, automation and robotics. Comtech Group will enhance our ability to bring value and productivity to clients in this evolving landscape.”

Hugo Blasutta, president and CEO of Comtech Group, said: “Comtech Group has an established track record supporting some of Canada’s most complex, large-scale infrastructure programs. As part of Accenture, we can deliver our proven solutions to even more clients in more industries. We are excited about Accenture’s commitment to innovation as shown in its recent $3bn investment in AI. Joining this world-leading organization will also offer exciting new opportunities to our people.”