Achieving day-to-day automation with EventSense

Closeup of a computer board being constructed | EventSense Rossera

The most robust digital systems and services shouldn’t require constant supervision – they’re perfectly capable of running without human intervention indefinitely. There are even tools that pay attention to the daily issues, triggering automatic actions that react to custom-set business events.

Oracle SaaS applications are powerful and versatile tools for many different businesses and industries. However, the factors that Oracle services cover can require a split-focus. Outside support can guarantee 100 percent focus on specific business needs. Second party vendors can provide add-on tools to provide greater automation, such as Rossera’s EventSense, where pre-configured and predefined actions can be set up to react to specific events that may occur within the ERP applications.

Businesses come across a plethora of different issues every day that could impact how some processes work, whether that’s a worker who called in sick that needs to trigger a chain of actions across multiple systems or an event which requires documents to be automatically generated, approved and distributed. Any of these events occurring could trigger a pre-configured reaction rather than requiring a user to input commands and react to the event. All of these reactionary actions are configured without the need to write more code.

The predefined actions don’t have to be related specifically to delivering simple admin solutions. EventSense can generate documents that include data from a specific event. Once the document is created, it can be forwarded to different email addresses, or automatically filed into Oracle’s HCM Document of Record. Data-driven documents created from these actions could help provide the necessary insights into making important business decisions.

Other custom actions can be configured with EventSense – with certain actions within the system framework triggering a reaction. The data doesn’t need to solely come from Oracle apps either, with third party data streams easily integrated into the solution and updating data where required.

The most successful businesses are agile and adaptable. Having a tool like EventSense to handle some of the smaller, custom-set events will save time so businesses can spend it on more strategic efforts.