Acumatica demonstrates commitment to improvement with 2022 R2

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Acumatica has released the second of its semi-annual product updates, Acumatica 2022 R2.

Offering innovations in usability, the product includes an increased ability for businesses to target new geographic markets and segments and sharpens the targeting of micro-markets and verticals.

Acumatica 2022 R2 also minimizes restrictions caused by geographic location, such as different languages, tax configurations, reports or banking interfaces. With R2, customers can overcome these boundaries by using localization, integration, and financial management capabilities.

Ranked number one is usability by G2, Acumatica has designed its R2 product with accessible navigation and flexible workflows in mind. These features help to simplify the learning curve for new users and maximize adoption.

Users can expect enhancements to usability and technology, streamlined and accelerated workflows, improvements to integration and localization with painless tax calculations, automation of financials to streamline data, enhancements to CRM to streamline the sales and fulfilment processes, alongside a host of additional benefits for distributors, retailers, manufacturers, contractors and service organizations.

John Case, CEO of Acumatica, said: “In today’s digital economy, small and mid-sized businesses are competing with larger companies for market share. To be successful, these businesses must seize every opportunity to enhance and streamline operations and flex their financial muscles. The updates we’ve introduced in 2022 R2 will help organizations across industries elevate their processes, realize market share, and add value to their bottom lines.”

Acumatica R2 2022 will be generally available on Wednesday 31st August. To learn more about 2022 R2, visit: