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The Moment of Service

There’s a fragile point in time during every business deal when the blood, sweat and tears are condensed into a single instance. The efforts made to secure the sale, the capital invested to deliver your product, and the time spent nurturing relationships are boiled down to a solitary moment when it all comes together or fails to meet expectations. This is the moment you either delight or disappoint. This is the moment of service…

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Editor’s Words.

Many high-performing businesses have discovered the fragility of their systems and processes…

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It’s no longer a two-horse race

As the post-modern ERP market matures there’s more choice than ever and the opportunities for ERP buyers could not be better. It used to be said that no-one ever got sacked for choosing Oracle or SAP…

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For the challengers

IFS may be the biggest (and best) ERP vendor that you haven’t heard of. With sales approaching $700m and plans to hit the $1bn mark by 2021, IFS is a taking a refreshing approach to selling enterprise technology…

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Best Network Wins

For the early adopters of blockchain technology the rewards will be untold: new revenue streams…

What Macron knows

In France during 2018, President Macron’s administration declared gender equality a priority. Legislation now requires…


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