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Melissa Di Donato – how far have we really come?

Melissa Di Donato dares to be different. And she is daring you to be the same. The new CEO of SUSE is unashamedly taking aim at the issue of gender-bias and diversity while hatching a plan to grow SUSE into a global powerhouse. A former Salesforce and SAP senior executive with an impressive track record of driving value in the highly competitive digital enterprise space…

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Editor’s Words.

Many high-performing businesses have discovered the fragility of their systems and processes…

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Tech trends report 2021

The Deloitte Tech Trends Report is in its twelfth year and looks at current, emerging and future technology trends. It’s essential reading for any digital leader considering it’s widely regarded as one of the most

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The new era of hybrid work

COVID-19 has in many ways irrevocably changed the way we work. Almost overnight, organisations were forced to establish a new remote workforce. Kitchen tables became desks, and in-person meetings were replaced by video calls. Now,

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Why the mid-market is now fertile ground

The ERP industry can no longer overlook the potential of the mid-market. The mid-market could be forgiven if it suffers from middle child syndrome. Underserved and ignored by the industry for years, mid-market firms have

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Global consultancies

Are they all the same and how are they meeting the growing demands from customers? When we hosted a similar session with three ERP vendors, it was quite easy to identify their different strategies, products

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Oracle’s modernised partner network

Historically ERP vendors sold licences and left their partners to worry about the success, or otherwise, of the implementation thereof. In the old world, when projects took years to complete and value was an immeasurable

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Best Network Wins

For the early adopters of blockchain technology the rewards will be untold: new revenue streams…

What Macron knows

In France during 2018, President Macron’s administration declared gender equality a priority. Legislation now requires…


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