Arribatec and RamBase: the perfect match for Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution ERP

After a close and good collaboration in Norway which resulted in several new customers, Arribatec is increasing its investment in RamBase Cloud ERP and looking to expand and grow in new markets.

RamBase ERP offers complete control of the value chain

RamBase is a cloud-based ERP solution that helps companies in production and distribution to gain control of the entire value chain from sales to production to delivery. The solution is built on a future-proof platform, with open APIs and defined best-practice models that ensure a predictable implementation that provides value quickly. The system is Norwegian and is owned and developed by Hatteland. It is a solution that is designed to be customer friendly with no prepayment of licenses and a flexible model.

“It is impressive to see the scalability of the product and how quickly you can get started with a cloud-based ERP solution when it is designed for given industries from the start”, says Lars Inge Sørlie Business development Director at Arribatec. “These are exciting projects with interesting customers and now we are looking for more consultants and to grow our RamBase business”.

“We have a good partnership with Arribatec in Norway and have implemented some very interesting customers together this last year. Now we look forward to expanding this partnership to the UK and win more customers together”, comments  Odd Magne Vea, Chief Sales Officer at RamBase.

There is a bright future ahead for these two companies as they are expanding their offering into the United Kingdom. Arribatec Integra will implement, customize, integrate and support RamBase Cloud ERP in the UK. Whether the customer is in need of advice regarding their current systems or wants to explore new directions, the Arribatec consultants and developers will be there every step of the way from analysis to delivery.

Mark Bloomer, Arribatec Integra Managing Director, is very excited about this new services offer: “We have been following the success of RamBase in Norway and have been really impressed by both the RamBase software, and by their partnership model.  We are looking forward to introducing the benefits of this visionary system to new customers in the UK.”

Since the partnership started, it has gone from strength to strength. For clients of both Arribatec and RamBase, this partnership have an added value of complementary services related to BI & Analytics, integrations and consulting services that will enable them to get a complete offering and transform their businesses.


About Arribatec and RamBase

Arribatec is a software and consulting company that delivers digital solutions, services, consulting & infrastructure; and RamBase, a cloud-based ERP solution that helps companies in production and distribution to gain control of the entire value chain from sales to production delivery.

RamBase is currently working with new customers in the UK like JST. Arribatec will help RamBase transforming the business of electronic manufacturers in the UK.