Exadis’ ERP is up in the clouds with Infor and Authentic Group

Exadis Infor

Infor has announced that Exadis, a specialist in the upstream logistics of multi-brand automotive aftermarket spare parts, has decided to migrate its ERP to the Infor Cloud.

Exadis was already relying on the Infor M3 on-premises ERP solution and has now renewed its partnership with Infor. The firm will migrate to the Amazon Web Services cloud using Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise, Infor Factory Track production automation and the ADS solution from Infor’s partner Authentic Group.

This migration is part of Exadis’ IT transformation project which includes a series of business, operational, strategic, environmental and corporate social responsibility challenges. Infor’s solution will address these to support the company’s growth, which has increased by 30 percent per year over the past two years to reach €92m in 2022. The project started in February 2022, and the cloud solution is expected to go into production across all eight Exadis sites by September 2024.

The new system will allow Exadis to rationalize its supply chain operations with control of consumption and associated energy costs. Areas such as inventory management, order consolidation, transport cost rationalization, elaborate reverse logistics, process automation and enhanced drop shipping will be handled via the new cloud solution.

In addition, the system will support the legal obligation of invoice dematerialization, which will further reduce paper printing, minimizing the firm’s carbon footprint.

The Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise solution was chosen in part because of the successful existing relationship between Exadis and Infor, as well as Infor’s ten-year partnership with Authentic Group;

Fabrice Caumette, executive delivery manager at Authentic Group, said: “We have established a close relationship of trust and efficiency with Exadis, through our collaboration on previous development and implementation initiatives for more than ten years. This new project, with its broader scope, allows us to showcase the advanced capabilities of the Infor cloud solution, which we master perfectly.”

Philippe Maillet, Infor sales director, France SMB and channel, said: “The specific distribution business – with all its associated logistical complexity – is particularly well addressed by our Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise solution. We are, therefore, particularly pleased to continue our partnership with Exadis and Authentic Group to reinforce the operational efficiency of a major French player in the automotive sector and to transform its IS.”

Jean-Christophe Barthelet, CEO of Exadis, said: “This project is far from being a simple technical migration project. It embeds our ambitions to be and/or remain the first and only one in strategic areas by putting operational excellence, collaboration, and scalability of a strong and responsible growth at the center of our ambitions.”