Arribatec will transform the housing sector with its ERP implementations

Companies around the world are embracing technology to adapt to the current technological disruptions, but in some sectors, such as housing, conventional methods are still very present.

The benefits of implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions have revolutionized the way in which businesses operate, and Arribatec Integra has seen this first hand in many of their housing sector projects. ERP has become a powerful and indispensable tool, flexible for organisations that need to be a little bit different.

Some organisations still use multiple systems, but we are beginning to see a trend whereby organisations implement full ERP solutions, giving access to a variety of modules that link different areas of a business, resulting in a better overall view of the company, moving them towards a more integrated solution with better process automation and less manual work.

“Companies should aim to adapt to fit the dynamics of today’s digital world. Modern cloud-based ERP solutions can be the answer to that adaptation, allowing configuration that can be tailored to an organisation, but based in a secure and automatically updated environment”, says Mark Bloomer, Director of Arribatec Integra, “for the housing sector, whether housing organizations or property management firms, it is paramount to stay ahead in the market”.

Arribatec have implemented Unit4 ERP, a robust system that meets the high specifications of the clients’ needs, across a range of organisations from housing non-profits like South Yorkshire Housing Association, to property management firms.

One of the main advantages of Unit4 ERP for the housing sector is that it can handle a wide range of functions in a much more integrated way. Arribatec Integra understands that different organisations have different business needs, and they have vast experience implementing the Unit4 solution with multi-company setups.

Other benefits of implementing an ERP system for your housing association are fully integrated accounting and procurement; comprehensive portfolio and reports; management of multiple property types and advance operations to name a few.

“It is a comprehensive user-friendly software that will leverage operational efficiency for your business by minimising manual touch, utilising integrated works-flows and automation where practical, and above all providing accurate real time data for your people to act on”, Gary Boniface, Arribatec Integra Head of Sales, highlights the benefits of using Unit4 ERP, “it provides better overall visibility across the business”.

Clients agree that Arribatec Integra focuses on building long-term partnerships with them and offers quality service with independent and unbiased advice. Having an implementation partner that can offer complementary service and act as a systems integrator is what the housing sector organizations need to meet their requirements.

If you are looking at investing in an ERP Solution for your housing associations or property management firm, Arribatec Integra is the perfect implementation partner offering a multi-functioning system that gives you the best grip over your organisation.