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Data Reduction Potential Analysis: How to reduce data volume before migrating to SAP S/4HANA
One of the pain points of migrating to SAP S/4HANA is understanding exactly how much and which data needs to be transferred to the new environment. the DRPA provides a simulation demonstrating how much they can potentially reduce their data by.
JiVS One Click Transformation to SAP S/4HANA with just a click of a button
The One Click Transformation approach is DMI’s answer to simpler and faster data migration, giving the customer a 360° view of their data in a leaner system environment.
JiVS Information Management Platform
JiVS Information Management Platform (IMP) is an end-to-end information management platform that provides a simple yet powerful solution to complex data-driven challenges.
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The Data Whisperer – JiVS IMP and Deloitte Consulting
The “data whisperers” in this whitepaper are Data Migration International and Deloitte Consulting. The latter has developed a proven framework for data archiving and governance. Perfectly complementing the consulting firm’s expertise is the JiVS Information Management Platform (JiVS IMP) from Data Migration International.
eBook – The Data Weaver: How Chief Data Officers Win the Data Race Now
Evolve into “Masters of the Dataverse” with the new book "The Data Weaver: How Chief Data Officers Win the Data Race Now" by Andreas Graesser, a distinguished Professor of Management Information Systems at Villanova University and the innovative mind behind innovad LLC.
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S/4HANA transformation without pre-projects? Yes, please.
This article from Data Migration International proves that even though old data can be a blind spot, you can still transform it with one platform and remove the need for preliminary projects.
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With one click to S/4HANA: Bühler’s story
Watch the video to learn about how by deploying JiVS as a tailored solution, Bühler was able to separate its historical data from its operational data, store the historical information in a centralized, secure environment, and switch off its legacy systems.
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Video: How to migrate to SAP S/4HANA quickly and successfully
Learn more about how your organization can optimize operational data, greatly improving its quality before it’s migrated into S/4, while ensuring 100% legal compliance.
From risk to intelligence with data and S/4HANA
In this article, Thomas Failer, founder and CEO of Data Migration International, brings new aspects to the discussion around the S/4 conversion.