eBook – The Data Weaver: How Chief Data Officers Win the Data Race Now

Evolve into “masters of the dataverse” with the new book “The Data Weaver: How Chief Data Officers Win the Data Race Now” by Andreas Graesser, a distinguished Professor of Management Information Systems at Villanova University, and the innovative mind behind innovad LLC.

His latest book “The Data Weaver” unravels the compelling narrative of the modern Chief Data Officer (CDO) – the true Data Weaver.

Enterprises need a CDO to understand the data platforms in concert with their enterprise’s needs. S/he is critical for defining the strategic data architecture for the coming years. And since data must be weaved together, the Data Weaver plays a key role in the future of these enterprises.

The Data Weaver lets the reader glance under the hood of data management, explains the importance of SAP S/4HANA and SAP BTP for ERP scenarios, and describes usage scenarios of data intelligence across all lines of business.

Transform old systems to a new digital backbone, move the data now, learn about the data analytics capabilities, and enable intelligent features to run the enterprise better.

Keep one takeaway in mind: data transformation is made simple with the JiVS Information Management Platform and the JiVS One Click Cockpit.

Get the preview of the latest guide revealing what it takes to evolve into “masters of the dataverse”.

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