The Data Whisperer – JiVS IMP and Deloitte Consulting

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Legacy data is like horses. Left wild and untamed, it will wreak havoc on your business. But with the right handling, you can quickly transform unruly data into significant business value. The “data whisperers” in this whitepaper are Data Migration International and Deloitte Consulting. The latter has developed a proven framework for data archiving and governance. Perfectly complementing the consulting firm’s expertise is the JiVS Information Management Platform (JiVS IMP) from Data Migration International.

In the experienced hands of Deloitte Consulting, JiVS IMP is a powerful tool. The solution accelerates data migration and application retirement, ensuring legal security and compliance – and dramatic cost savings. With JiVS IMP, Deloitte Consulting is successfully streamlining application environments, setting the gold standard in IT transformations. An example from the energy sector shows just how much companies stand to gain – over 100 decommissioned systems in just two years, millions in cost savings, and a tenth of the effort to implement SAP S/4HANA.

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