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ERP Today Live! Rimini Street
Rimini Street has been pecking away at the support margins of the big vendors for almost 20 years. With a renewed commitment to the EMEA region, Emma Hose, the new group VP for EMEA, talks to ERP Today about the plans for the region and explains how Rimini Street has saved their customers more than $5bn in support costs.
Digital Transformation: 2021 Global CFO Survey Results and Panel Discussion
How did CFOs and CIOs leverage IT digital transformation to combat the pandemic? Finance and research experts discuss 2021 global CFO survey results and implications in the webinar, “How Modern CFOs Prioritize IT Investments and Partner with CIOs to Emerge Stronger.
How the UK Public Sector is Delivering Quality Essential Services, Innovating and Reducing ERP Costs
Public sector budgets continue to be under significant pressure due to the on-going economic challenges and industry uncertainty. At the same time, the need to deliver essential and quality community services and innovation has increased, not decreased.
Going Digital – Digital Transformation in Manufacturing
Digital transformation in manufacturing is a top priority, but funding obstacles exist. Manufacturing IT budgets could hold the key to finding the funds to drive the future of manufacturing.
Third-party Support for SAP: The Gift That Keeps on Giving
Hand SAP your software support cancellation notice before the September 30 SAP deadline and give yourself the gift of improved ERP support quality this year — and every year.
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Who is Really Benefitting from the Oracle Continuous Innovation Model?
portfolio. The model supposedly eliminates disruptions from major upgrades, lets licensees pick and choose upgrade implementation, and provides long-term premium support. Sounds great…but for whom? Dan Woods from Early Adopter Research surfaces some important pitfalls of the continuous delivery model.