Stuart Browne
Founder & Managing Director of Resulting IT
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image of type writer with red and blue background | RPA
Did Visual Basic halt the rise of our robot overlords?
Robotic process automation (RPA) isn’t new. In the 80s, my dad ran a small engineering company. They bought their first IBM PC because it was the thing to do - and nobody could really fathom it out.
Smart City - Levelling up
Smart city, dumb ERP
If you want a Smart ERP, heed a lesson from city planners and focus on smartening up what you have today before chasing some Jetsons inspired future.
Prodding “The Diverted” towards real sustainability
Overmilked and electric: Resulting IT's founder says that for ESG effectiveness, it’s time to step away from Walking Tech dependency.
Retail technology: Time for retailers to get a grip
Retail technology: Time for retailers to get a grip
If we want to change the world for the better, it all starts with retailers, their buyers, their range, and their balance of profit with doing the right thing.
Automation and arresting Robocop’s drug dealer
20 trucks were parked outside the warehouse. I’d single-handedly stopped the business from supplying the UK’s loo rolls.
I want my ERP; what SAP and MTV have in common
You’ve probably heard that SAP is 50 years old this year. I mean, you can’t really avoid the social media celebrations rippling out from the Walldorf epicentre, amplified by an eager to please SAP partner ecosystem.