AWS and BMW Group drive new cloud-based data platform

image of BMW car | AWS and BMW Group

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) and the BMW Group have entered into a strategic collaboration to develop customizable cloud software that will simplify the distribution and management of data from millions of connected vehicles.

The BMW Group will be the first automaker to use the software and benefit from the jointly developed AWS software as part of AWS for Automotive, which will serve as the basis for its next-generation, cloud-based vehicle data platform.

The new software will be available to other automakers, enabling them to easily integrate vehicle data sources, accelerate vehicle and fleet application feature development, and improve life cycle management, while delivering advanced vehicle features and personalized driver experiences at lower costs.

Sarah Cooper, general manager of AWS industry products at AWS, said: “Rapid, data-fueled innovation is critical to unlocking next-generation vehicle capabilities for automotive organizations, particularly as the industry looks to expand electric vehicle adoption, software-defined vehicle development, new digital service paradigms, and more autonomous vehicle features.

“By teaming up with the BMW Group, we are building infrastructure today that will generate value for the next generation of vehicles. Together, we are excited to make the vision of software-defined transportation a reality and to enhance the capabilities of vehicles on the road.”

Nicolai Krämer, vice president of Vehicle Connectivity Platforms at the BMW Group, said: “We have 20 million connected vehicles on the road today. With the launch of the ‘Neue Klasse,’ BMW’s next generation of vehicles, our offboard cloud platform, powered by AWS, will process roughly triple the volume of vehicle data compared to the current generation of BMW models. Together with AWS, we will continue to create innovative solutions that enable us to develop and deliver new data-driven functions to customers worldwide, even faster.”