AWS debuts AppFabric and forthcoming generative AI

AWS AppFabric spheres

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has introduced AWS AppFabric, a no-code service that enhances the functionality of existing SaaS applications, aimed at improving security, management and productivity. AWS Management Console, IT and security teams can now leverage AppFabric to add new capabilities to their SaaS applications and productivity suites.

Companies often face challenges when integrating multiple SaaS applications, resulting in security and productivity issues. Each application has its own controls, logs and interfaces, making management and integration complex for IT and security teams. Point-to-point integrations are time-consuming and require ongoing maintenance. The lack of standardization in SaaS data formats increases security risks and makes data analysis difficult.

AWS AppFabric addresses these challenges by providing a centralized location for connecting and managing popular SaaS applications and productivity suites, and offers a standardized set of security and operational data for each connected app, eliminating the need for manual integrations and enabling analysis of security data.

AppFabric consolidates and standardizes log data from popular apps like Asana, Slack and Zoom, as well as productivity suites such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, boasting customers such as Bank Leumi, Optibus, and YuJa. This enhances application observability and reduces operational costs associated with building and maintaining point-to-point integrations.

Dilip Kumar, VP of applications, AWS, said: “At AWS, our customers build and use powerful applications to support employee productivity, but we increasingly hear that integrating, managing, and securing apps is a major pain point for IT and security teams.

“Building dozens of custom point-to-point integrations and monitoring data and usage without normalization isn’t practical in the long term. With AppFabric, customers now have a simple solution to deploy and scale the world’s most widely used applications in a way that helps organizations cut costs, increase productivity, and improve security.”

Additionally, AWS has unveiled a forthcoming generative AI feature that will be included in a future release of AppFabric. Powered by Amazon Bedrock, this AI feature will utilize large language models and content from multiple SaaS applications to automatically generate insights, execute tasks and make suggestions across applications.

AWS’ generative AI capabilities will further enhance the service by enabling users to complete tasks based on context from multiple applications. This eliminates the need to switch between different apps and data sources, improving productivity and collaboration. Users can request the AI assistant to perform specific tasks, such as creating meeting notes or drafting emails, using information from various sources.