Basis Technologies launches ActiveDiscover to aid in SAP changes

People sitting in the Basis Technologies offices, looking at computers. SAP Basis Technologies ActiveDiscover

Basis Technologies has launched ActiveDiscover to enable companies that use SAP to access data-led insights in change management to improve accuracy, lower cost and reduce risk of software failure.

Under this solution, businesses can pre-emptively understand key considerations such as dependencies, required resources, testing effort and technical debt, which hopes to enable more effective decision-making at each stage and at every level.

Built to work in tandem with its change automation product ActiveControl, this solution has been tested on large clients such as Honda, John Deere and Vistaprint, who have reported positive tangible business benefits during Beta testing.

These benefits include more than 90 percent more accurate project estimations, a reduced risk of delays and greater identification of complexity saving businesses time, money and resources while reducing the risk of disruption that directly harms business operations.

Martin Metcalf, CEO, Basis Technologies, said: “Armed with real-time insights from ActiveDiscover, clients are empowered to embrace every change, no matter how large or small. Our latest tool enables organizations to achieve the elusive trio of higher quality deliverables and faster delivery at a lower cost, empowering CIO’s agendas by helping businesses to embark on change programs with confidence.

“This is a milestone moment for our company, allowing us to support clients across the entire lifecycle of change in an increasingly competitive landscape. If businesses are to unlock their full potential with SAP, tools like ActiveDiscover are not only necessary but crucial for success.”

53 percent of software projects cost more than double their original estimates and 48 percent of projects do not deliver anticipated business value and are delivered late.

Poor software quality costs US organizations $2.08tn per year, with operational software failure the leading cost contributor estimated at $1.56tn. Understanding the impact of SAP change businesses are able to identify security concerns, uncover technical debt and change sinkholes, increase awareness of early deployment hazards and clarify and validate effort estimations.

Robert Holland, VP and research director, SAPinsider, said: “ActiveDiscover allows SAP teams to act on the impact changes will have on objects across multiple SAP systems and instances.

“For organizations running complex SAP landscapes that include significant customization, this allows for an improved understanding when rolling out updates. Having this knowledge as early as possible has the potential to ensure a more effective change process that reduces the likelihood of unexpected costs and failures and maximizes the business value.”